• Sophisticated surveillance technologies (photonic, image, signal processing) available for SAR.
  • CATS fulfilsimperative need by innovating simple solutions for pernicious problems.
  • CATS with its portfolio of products in ENVIRONMENT, Surveillance, Condition Monitoring, Video Analytics as Service, etc. integrates and supports inter-disciplinary approach.
  • With Big Data Analytics required Patterns and trends are drawn and thereby providing early warning wherein in Disaster is either avoided.
  • Even after Natural catastrophe / Act of God, CATS integrated portfolio of products and services collaborates from a Distress call eanabled from Emergency beacon to Mission control Center.


  • Sound = Noise + Voice
  • Filtering / Separating Noise from Voice = Intelligent Information
  • CATS has developed Proprietary Alogorithm for Signal Processing for independent component analysis. (two sound icons will be placed here one with a header {Audio Play symbol} Received Signal Noice + Voice and other heder will be {Audio Play symbol} Extracted Signal only Voice)