Water Quality and Pollution Monitoring:- Worlds one of its kind non contacting laser technology in monitoring quality of water at sea, river, lake, pond, or even in drinking glass of water.

Perimeter Monitoring




  • Structural Monitoring is a comprehensive system for determining the health of Dams. Vibration Monitoring takes place in real time, reduces the risk of disasters and incidents.
  • Water Level in Reservoir and Evaporation Monitoring
  • Command Area Evapotranspiration
  • Discharge Management & Measurement :- Water Level of Dams & Canals.

Perimeter Surveillance, Counting and tracking Vehicles and Employees.

Identification, Assessment and Control Methods of indoor Air quality.

Predicative Maintenance with evaluation of the health of plant equipment and structure throughout its serviceable life.


Capability to monitor Air (in-situ and real time) with capabilities of communicating the observed parameter data to command and control stations not necessarily co located with the sensing system.

All CCTV camera integrated with analytics will cover in situ the security aspects set by the respective industry based on threat perception.

Monitors 12 parameters of weather by using only one laser equipment & with Highest level of accuracy and quick transfer of data to desired location.

Images from Drone, Small Aircraft or Satellite can be processed in situ. Information can be Extracted from Image with 80% of Cloud Cover. Out-puts are generated live within 2 mili-seconds.

  • Crop Identification.
  • Crop Area Measurement.
  • Flood Area Inundation Mapping
  • Resulting Crop Area Loss.
Increase energy efficiency, user comfort, And security

    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
    • Lighting/shading.
    • Air quality and window control.
    • Systems switching off devices.
    • Metering.
    • Access control (security).

  • Identification, Assessment and Control Methods through Source Management, engineering Controls, Administrative controls and Professional Assistance.
    • Local exhaust and General Dilution Ventilation that removes odors and other contaminants.
    • Air Cleaning:- Filtration system in HVAC., HIPPA filters, Routinely cleaning of Ducts etc.
Structural Health Monitoring

Accurate contactless monitoring measures for maximum displacement from the mean position Amplitude, Velocity and Acceleration in time and frequency domain.