Automation of unmanned and manned level crossings for reduction / elimination of rampant of accident rates and fatalities.


  • Real Time on board Vibration and Health Monitoring of Bridges and Railway Tracks.

  • On Board Pollution and Weather monitoring mapped with GPS. This will facilitate to cover entire Urban and Rural environmental aspects.
  • Smoke and fire detector in every compartment that will alert hazardous activity conducted by any passenger.

The real time analytics and alerting for surveillance, crowd density, safety precautions etc.

Environmental Monitoring Sensors (AUM) built on Vehicles that stream pollution information.

Tracking, counting, distinguishing, ascertaining speed, approximate weight, distance and Direction of Vehicles.

  • Intelligent Traffic Management.
  • Intelligent Signal Management based on traffic.

Smart Airports with proper IAQ monitoring that assists heating, Cooling and Humidity levels. Resulting in saving in Running costs.

Intelligent weather monitoring at Airport providing Wind Speed, Wind direction, Visibility etc.. supports ATC in taking up right decision.

Intelligent Pitot used to monitor further & extreme turbulences and Scientific operation of Wake Turbulences on Airports .

Systematic Analytic of movement and gathering of Passengers and detecting interference in unathourised area, alerting abnormal behavior etc.

Perimeter Security, Laser wall, alerting intrusion etc.

Used for predictive maintenance as opposed to preventive maintenance - machines, turbines, equipment and even our bodies.

On Board (SAVDHAN Optoelectronic System) can track submarines, ships and even diver at the radius distance of 20Km.

  • Optoelectronic system are capable of identifying natural hydrodynamic signatures generated by biological organisms, phenomena like tsunamis, waves, tides and currents.
  • Weather Monitoring supports the Captain of ship with wind speed, velocity, temperature, pressure etc

Drones can be launched from ship and capture images of ICE caps and provide the area of coverage and density. This enables early decision in further movement of ship.