AUM shoulders new vision on environmental protection
The need for Opacity Monitoring
  • Myriad of industries has Coal as main source of fuel. It is likely to remain the main source for these applications in the foreseeable future. Similarly Mining industries, Construction companies, Ports, etc. abuse environment and the misuse of fossil fuels.
  • It's important to note that emitters of dust, smoke, smog, particulate matter, totally suspended particles (TSP), Lead particles etc are legally obliged to measure and report the performance of their stationary sources and prove that their stack emissions or any emission are within mandated permit limits.
  • A well-tuned combustion process (the perfect mixture of fuel and air) emits a clean clear smoke that cannot be seen by the human eye. Opacity is the measure of the obfuscation of light. A pure black smoke that approaches 100% opacity, a clear transparent smoke is closer to 0% opacity (the human eye cannot ascertain opacity below 3-4%).
  • Continuous opacity monitors are typically used by facilities which rely on waste materials, oil, coal, wood or other fossil fuels for combustion. Natural gas combustion sources don't measure opacity as the burning of natural gas does not produce smoke. One way to do this is with the use of a Continuous Opacity Monitoring System.
AUM COMS as a reliable emission measurement instrument
  • AUM COMS measures poor combustion is excess smoke emanating from a smokestack.
  • AUM COMS can measure the presence of smoke allows for sources as well as regulatory agencies to monitor the concentration of particulate matters (which makes up smoke) in the stack and determine if plants are operating within their prescribed limits.
  • AUM COMS uses Photonic systems to determine opacity levels. Using AUM a plant can calculate the accurate opacity percentage and make sure all regulations are met (a typical opacity limit is no greater than 20%).
AUM adheres to all compliance requirements for opacity monitor measurements
  • The opacity of stack gases is monitored and measured in percentage. Keep in mind that transparent emissions are recorded as having 0% in opacity while those which block light completely are 100% opaque.
  • AUM COMS operates 24*7*365. The maintenance shut down time is not more than 30 minutes.
  • AUM COMS is adequately calibrated to meet site-specific requirements and make sure readings will be obtained accurately.
  • AUM COMS are open for cross reference calibration is periodic manner for calibration errors, fault indicators, poor performance, response difference, and other failures affecting the accuracy of data acquisition.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (COMS)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up.

Measures and Monitors:-

  • Total Suspended Particles (TSP)
  • Any Particles less than 1ùm in diameter.
  • Lead Particulates / Particulate Material (PM 2.5 / PM 10 to PM 100)
  • Temperature, flow and Opacity at the same time.
Sensing Area distance

Length covered by AUM is 10mm to 5 Km. The laser beam travels to the targeted area / source of pollutants, ducts, stacks, chimney or exhaust.

Drone Emission Surveillance

AUM PORTABLE EMISSION MONITORING SYSTEM (AUM PEMS) is integrated with Drone for surveillance purpose over the industrial area.

Drone Acharya swarms and collects data using AUM_CEMS integrated with Wireless Sensor Networks.

  • Power Plants, cement plants, co generations, Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical and Fertilizer plants, Sugar Industry, Chemical Plants, Mining industry, Construction industry, Airports, Marine, Clean Rooms etc.
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