CATS systems are first of their kind in the global scenario featuring :-
  • Highly accurate, sensitive & easy to install.
  • Detects signatures from distance of 15km.
  • No constrain on speed and thereby saves time.
  • 20% of cost in comparison to conventional systems.
  • Balances appropriately between false alarm vis a vis speed.
  • Conventional Acoustic / Ultrasonic, Track Side Bogie Monitoring System, Train Actuated Waning Device or Wheel Impact Load Detection systems have contact based sensors and have serious constraints in monitoring the entire spectrum.
  • Sensors used Bridge Structural health monitoring like strain gauges, pressure sensors, load cells, ultrasonic pulse velocity meters, rebound hammer, piezo electric transducers or even radar do not provide real time monitoring.
These sensors are highly time consuming, expensive and need human intervention
CATS have developed two product verticals for on and off board applications : -
  • VIDUR (Vibration Intelligence Data Unravelling Remotely), is real-time on-board vibration and health (condition) monitoring system for railway bridges and tracks. This can be mounted on the wagon of a train. While the train moves it can monitor real time the vibration and condition information which aids in diagnostics, early fault detection and prediction of failures; for improving the safety of platforms (trains and tracks) as well as passengers, in addition to saving maintenance costs for Railways.
  • VEDA (Vibrational Effects - Detection Analysis) is a real time off board vibration and health (condition) monitoring of Tracks and Bridges. The system can be installed on railway bridges and or near tracks (underground as well) and all vibration data from the bridge / track can be monitored and transmitted to Engine driver as well as to centralized server system for health diagnostics.
VEDA is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of structures simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity and acceleration of vibrations at even inaccessible locations on a structure.

  • VEDA can identify and alert the Engine Driver at least 15km before any such unanticipated obstruction.
  • The mechanism works 24*7*365. One unit will monitor a single track for a distance of 30km approx. The average distance between 2 railway stations of KK Line is 8 km.
  • Prevention of head-on collision that could otherwise result in human loss / collateral damage. Thereby saving in huge capital cost.
  • Seamless commuting of trains on track without any failure due to track. This avoids delay & hardship.
  • The restoration time will be fast as the whole system is built on Internet of Things. The disaster management team or nearby Railway Station Engineer will be immediately summoned about the type of obstruction or Damage if any. Corrective measures can be taken immediately. This will result in huge saving on time vis a vis revenue expenditure.
  • This will also avoid derailment and prevent loss of Engines, Bogies, Goods etc.
  • VEDA also acts as Track surveillance so that any catastrophe on the sides of the track can be alerted.
  • Continuously monitoring structural stability of bridges.
  • Impact by different speeds of trains on the bridge can assist in analysing and predicting the useful life of bridge.
  • The impact of speeding river water on the columns of bridge is also monitored.
Vidur compliments VEDA. Once VEDA alerts abnormality of bridge, the handheld device of Vidur will be used to :-
  • Detecting the existence of the damage on the span, piers, columns and beams.
  • Locating the damage / porosity
  • Identifying the types of damage
  • Quantifying the severity of the damage
  • Resolution
  • VIDUR can seamlessly do Vibration monitoring of Steel and Civil Structure.
  • Rayleigh waves (Rayleigh waves are a type of surface acoustic wave that travel on solids) assist in recognizing different types of vibration received from ahead or rear or from side of the loco.
  • If another train is on the same track moving towards or away from it, VIDUR will provide real time information to the engine driver / pilot.
  • If the distance between 2 trains is nearing to be less than 5 KMS, then alerts and alarms will be signaled as well as auto pilot in slowing or stopping the trailing train can be triggered or stop signal can be activated.
  • The distance between 2 trains can be minimum of 1 Km to 35 km. Hence VIDUR can act as full proof TCAS.
  • The photonic systems will monitor the speed of train & will be able to supervise train movement and shunting limits.
  • Veda can be implemented during each of the three phases of construction of tunnels; before operation, during operation and after operation for examination.
  • VEDA simultaneously monitors strain, tilt/inclination, displacement, vibration, sound, underground water level and ambient temperature.
  • VEDA is well-suited for tunneling applications because of its accurate data collection and high rates of data transmission.
  • VEDA has adjustable triggering threshold and sampling intervals and provides accurate, reliable and repeatable results, without need for calibration in the field.
  • CATS AI data helps the stakeholders and engineers make informed decisions about how quickly construction can progress.
  • In addition, VEDA can provide early warning of imminent failure and catastrophe by their Alarm feature by alerting when pre-set data thresholds have been exceeded.
  • VEDA real time monitoring system can thus pre-warn of potential effects on adjacent structures and utilities.
VEDA installed near Railway crossing will provide 2 way alert :-
  • Alarm at unmanned railway crossings and auto shutting and opening of gates.
  • Alert and Alarm to Engine driver if there is any sort of obstruction on Track at the approaching railway crossing.
The other integral and important functional aspects of the single devise of VEDA is :-
  • Wheel shapes & flats, bearing conditions.
  • Unbalance and resonance condition.
  • Logging of Weight & Speed (WILD)
  • Counting no. of Boggies & Sound recording.
  • VIDUR (Vibration Intelligence Data Unravelling Remotely):- VIDUR is a breakthrough in technology that can monitor health and quality of rail while the train is moving on high speed.
  • Vidur is installed on-board in front of engine.
  • Identify crack, Slag, Porosity, Damage of Rail with geo co-ordinates.
  • Thickness of surface of rail that reduces even less than 8 mm.
  • Real time / Onboard Train, track monitoring is possible without any constraint of speed
  • CATS AUM_Fire is early detection of fire to protect life, assets and the environment.
  • AUM_ Fire provides fit-for-purpose smoke detection photonic systems that can help to ensure the safety of plant and premises.
    AUM_ Fire monitoring provides the highest quality and increased process safety.
  • AUM_ Fire is extremely sensitive that captures the release of smoke even from cigarette. With clear line of sight, distance to monitor fire or smoke is not a limiting factor.
  • Only one unit per coach will Monitor
  • Lethal gas parts per billion that are susceptible to trigger fire
  • Realtime detecting different types of gases Co, No,
    Temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • System is highly sensitive and accurate and every 5 feet of space is monitored.
  • The severity of smoke or fire can be predicted based on increase in concentration.
  • AUM qualifies and quantifies the gas. Based on concentration of gas, information is sent to command and control system.
  • Laser light will travel to the source of fire or smoke, rather than waiting for smoke to reach the sensor.
  • All the data collected from Photonic sensors mentioned herein are applied to advanced analytics and AI-machine learning techniques to create a Digital Twin, from where they are able to generate unique insights.
  • Cats AI-powered photonic sensing is considered to play a significant role in improving capabilities of railways predictive maintenance regimes (or condition-based maintenance) and security management. Its automatic crack detection using a multi-layer neural network (deep learning) along with the use of a statistics optimisation model assist and improves the maintenance teams' efficiency and safety.
Auto Pilot driven activity (without the intervention of a Driver) that can be enabled in train.
  • Train stopping or slowing down.
  • Alerting the surroundings and honking at critical areas like :
    • Securing Unmanned Railway crossing using vibration monitoring.
    • Arrival of Train at a crossing is alarmed, gates closure will be automatic.
    • In absence of gates, alarming system will be sounded.
    • Non Stop trains that are not halting on stations. The system can be programmed based on city and station population.
  • We can enable a modernized railway infrastructure as well as safe railway operations!
The photonic technologies and systems will transform the Train as a Sensor. The communication between 2 or more trains can take place at min distance of 5 km and max upto 50 km.
  • Every train will communicate with other trains, stations, linemen, etc. with relevant information illustrated (and exhaustive in its coverage as under:
  • Blockade on track.
  • Overflooding on track.
  • Damage on track.
  • Repairs work
  • Environmental conditions like density of fog, rainfall, visibility etc.
  • Bridges / Tunnel crossing.
  • Red signal overrun.
  • Crossing through red zones / Naxal areas.
  • Railway crossings
  • Accident, Fire, or other hazards on the train.
  • Untimely / urgent stoppage of train on non-earmarked location or Station that is not predetermined.
With Array of Things enabled platform, Photonic sensing is operated remotely. Information, alerts, alarms, etc. can be provided on any communication protocols. Post repairs, analysis of specific deflection or alleviated damages are also monitored. Historical patterns are stored to provide right prediction, prevention and protection of Asset.
Trains as a Sensor will be communicating data that can be of immense use during Disaster management.
VEDA with its multi-functional advantage enables high accuracy and sensitiveness with the price tag being merely 10% of the conventional units carrying out similar monitoring.
  • Accuracy and Sensitivity
    • There is high intangible savings in labour, time and machine
    • More importantly high valuable assets are prevented from getting damaged that itself accounts for high savings.
  • VIDUR replaces High Speed Ultrasonic Rail Testing Car at fraction of cost
    • As Vidur is installed on board of high speed train, test costs are dramatically reduced with increase test speed.
    • With installation of VIDUR there will be 80% reduction in operating cost either manually or using ultrasonic system for track monitoring.
    • The recurring cost for VIDUR is of continues transmitting and storage of data and periodic replacement of lasers.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • CATS AI will improve efficiencies and reduce costs across a variety of train control, safety, supervision, and asset management systems.
  • CATS AI technology provides a powerful force to help unlock the potential further digitalization of railways. ?As transport of containers is expected to grow, projects are underway to better synchronize container train movements on the network and improve real-time information and data exchange.
  • Closing the gap between traditional fire detection techniques and modern AUM wireless sensor network capabilities, we present most optimal photonic sensors for accurate fire detection.
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