• CATSMART proprietary big data analytical platform involves examining large amounts of data from photonic sensors and images.
  • CATSMART BIG data is built on robust platform of Hadoop and also by using advanced software systems.
  • To support photonic sensors with its multifunctional application in various domains, CATSMART Big data platform was developed to support 5V's Volume, Velocity, Veracity, Variety, and Vairiablity.
  • This is done to uncover the hidden patterns, correlations and also to give insights so as to make proper predictive, preventive, prescriptive and geospatial analytics.
  • Cats comprehends that businesses want to be more objective and data-driven, and so they are embracing the power of data and technology.
  • CATS IIoT big data platform processes a large amount of data on a real-time basis and storing them using different storage technologies.
  • CATS IIoT big data performs lightning-fast analysis with large queries to gain rapid insights from data to make quick decisions.
  • CATS IIoT big data processing follows four sequential steps
  • A large amount of unstructured data is generated by CATS IIoT sensors are collected in the big data system
  • CATS big data system is a shared distributed database, the huge amount of data is stored in big data files
    • Analyzing the stored IoT big data using analytic tools like Hadoop.
    • Generating the reports of analyzed data.
    • The Connected device with CATS photonic sensors will help tasks like Monitoring, Collecting, Exchanging, Analyzing and Instantly acting on information. This will control the behavior of industrial devices.
  • Array of things can augment all modes of monitoring. CATS AOT can be used in enviroenment, infrastructure, industry, transport, security, surveillance and human health monitoring, providing increased trust from the public and reducing risks and external threats.
  • Array of Things blended with CATS AI and Cognitive based sensor architectural system integrated with IOT is composed of: -
  • Few integrated Photonic sensors in a city will create Virtual Dome of information for any given city or large-scale establishment:-
    • Condition Vibration and Deflection.
    • Weather and Pollution
    • Weight, Load and impact of speed of moving platform.
    • Seismic disturbances Ground pressure, Tunnels, etc.
    • Recording of sound.
    • Perimetry security and Virtual dome
    • Images Processing,
    • Communication devices,
    • Dynamic Big Data
    • Cloud based server that calculates and analyzes data transmitted from the monitoring devices.
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