A novel photonic system has been developed to monitor real time vibrations on land for detection, discrimination and distinguishing any type of intrusion in an inhospitable environment or monitoring base. This is done without using any CCTV camera or Imaging techniques or Radar. No laser beam is visible and there is no compelling limitation in terms of line of sight.
  • VEDA is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of surface simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity and acceleration of vibrations at even in accessible locations on a structure.
  • Typical Rayleigh wave speeds are 2 to 15 times in metals
  • A vibrational amplitude imparted away, decays to a vibrational amplitude o
This innovative photonic / laser technology and the algorithms employed in the development of the system ensures real time extraction of the following information :
  • Classifying and Discriminating Vehicular and pedestrian with Statistics.
  • Moving Vehicular identification (type, size and tonnage)
  • Vehicle speed, approximate Distance and Geo Position.
  • The Area of coverage can be 20km to 100km based on Soil strata.
    Ascertaining any excavating / tunneling activity near the vicinity of Border.
  • Recording Sound of the intruder and filtering other environmental sounds.
  • The Advanced Photonic Sensor which is the Non-Imaging / Non-Acoustic Sensors, has monitoring capabilities for remote surveillance, sensing, inferring and enabling ALERT. Without any constraint of visibility during Fog, Smog, Mist etc. and also runs 24/7/365 Day or Night.
  • The system identifies any cross-border intrusion, tailgating, in real time and can alert the Command and Control Center. Thus, enabling Cross line detection / perimeter fencing.
  • The system can also intelligently distinguish between Vehicles, Human and Animal Activity. The system is rugged and can function in adverse / severe environment in real time.
  • VEDA acts as a brain, once an intrusion is detected, veda will not only alert the command and control system but also direct the cctv camera or drone to take up the live feed from that specific location. Thereby Transforming passive tool to Proactive detective tool.
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