• The continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) is based on innovative Photonic sensing technology namely AUM to measure Sulfur Dioxide (SO2 ) Nitrogen Monoxide (NO) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2 ) Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Oxygen (O2 ) Carbon Monoxide (CO) Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2 S) hydrogen chloride, airborne particulate matter, mercury, volatile organic compounds, as well as temperature, flow and Opacity at the same time.
  • AUM eliminates conventional practice of in which a sample of gas is continuously drawn from the process point, filtered, transported, conditioned and presented to a gas analysis system. 
  • A beam of light pointed at source i.e. is 10's of meters away with clear line of sight can measure all the assigned parameters in one go on 24*7*365 real time basis. 
  • AUM also eliminates the ambient's temperature influence on measurement value and less interference of water vapor on SO2 and NO measurement.
  • AUM is integrated with data acquisition system and proprietary cloud platform. 
  • The data is used to generate reports, alarms or control some aspect of the client's process. 
  • Photonic system is the most appropriate analysis technique for the desired components and concentration ranges and a properly designed system provides the flexibility of easily upgrading, expanding or contracting the scope of emissions analysis.
  • AUM objective is to safeguard the environment and adhere to new, complex regulations, while continually improving business processes. 
  • AUM has excellent prolonged stability and no constrain of particulate matter, moisture or any cross interferences.
  • AUM for CEMS is highly reliable and can be customized and offer a full range of emissions monitoring products and customer support services.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (CEMS)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up. Other methods provide either a snapshot of pollutants or are prone to data loss due primarily to weather (humidity). Monitors combination of gases. The system can also be customized as per user needs.

Measures and Monitors :- Sulfur Dioxide (SO2 ) Օ Nitrogen Monoxide (NO) Օ Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2 ) Օ Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) Օ Oxygen (O2 ) Օ Carbon Monoxide (CO) Օ Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Օ Hydrogen Sulfide (H2 S) Օ Hydrogen Chloride, Airborne Particulate matter, mercury, volatile organic compounds, as well as temperature, flow and Opacity at the same time.
Meteorological Measurement

Measures meteorological factors like temperature, humidity, wind parameters (speed, direction, pressure, velocity), precipitation that show how pollutants are transferred from source to recipient.

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (Aum_PEMS)
  • AUM_PEMS Prediction of AIR QUALITY using an Ensemble of Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Models
  • AUM_PEMS is advanced software platform based on real time and historical emission data, simulation, algorithm model, Key process variable supported with temperature, pressure and flow.
  • CEMS cannot correlate process status of emission levels. AUM_CEMS and AUM_PEMScompliment each other to predict or estimate emission.
Drone Emission Surveillance

AUM PORTABLE EMISSION MONITORING SYSTEM (AUM PEMS) is integrated with Drone for surveillance purpose over the industrial zone.

  • Drone Acharya swarms and collects data using AUM_CEMS integrated with Wireless Sensor Networks.
Continuous monitoring under all weather conditions without data loss

Photonic sensing technology are not affected by weather conditions such as humidity, rain, snow, morning dew or even conditions such as dust or aerosols, thus ensuring continuous monitoring.

Easy to set up and maintain

For any CEMS, redundancy and maintainability is very important. AUM design is robust and simple. IT eliminates redundancy and has very low operating expenses. AUM ie easy to install and ready to use without designing any plan for application, integration, implementation, testing etc. AUM is field tested and rugged. It is powered with a small battery or on AC power and uses less than 100 watts of power. When ready to use, the instrument starts working immediately (no warm up required).

Conventional CEMS are not only complex in design, installation & support but also requires technical person to operate the same. Year on Maintenance is an expensive task.

  • Gas Turbines :- AUM ideal for the low emissions requirements of gas turbines.
  • Cogeneration Facilities like Power plants, steel plants, cement plants, Depending upon the geographic location, type of fuel burned, and plant size, any or all of the following parameters may be monitored: CO, O2, CO2, SO2, NOx, THC, NH3 and opacity.
  • Refining :- Oil and Gas, petrochemical plants, Fertilizer and Pestcide plants where Process heaters and FCC units often require enhanced continuous monitoring.
  • Utilities and Municipalities :- With emissions allowances being a potentially valuable commodity, accurate and reliable systems like AUM are a necessity.
  • Industrial Boilers :- Aluminum smelters, non-ferrous metal smelters, phosphate fertilizer plants, nitric acid plants, sulfuric acid plant, etc depending upon the size and location of the plant, AUM can seamlessly monitored at ppb level.
  • Commercial and Institutional Boilers :- Chemical fiber plant of large industrial coal-fired chimney and other industrial application emission gas monitoring etc. require typical measurements of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2 and opacity.
  • Pulp and Paper Pulp and paper facilities require to measure SO2, O2, CO, NOx and opacity in a variety of emissions sources, including power and recovery boilers.
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems A NOx measurement is used upstream of the SCR to control the feed rate and downstream of the SCR for NOx emissions compliance.
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