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  • To benefit the climate, blanket introduction of nitrogen permits for all cannot be justified.
  • Without rationalizing, who is polluting where, what and how much accusations cannot not be justified. Suppositional and non-evident allegation of being animal abusers and environment polluters will definitely call for outrage.
  • Appropriate policy to monitor & control emission is mandatory to be formulated.
  • Photonic Sensing Monitoring will Map air quality across the farms so that data and health alerts can be disseminated to the Farmers and Regulators.
  • Aggregator, Grassland systems, Mixed systems, Feedlots, Backyard systems, Broilers, Industrial systems, Intermediate systems, Layers and Mixed Systems.
  • A Single laser beam can monitor Greenhouse gases like Carbon di Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Methane, Ammonia, Hydrocarbons, Particulate Matter etc. & also Meteorological Parameters like Temperature, Humidity, Wind (speed, direction, velocity).
  • Hence Laser will be one sensor sensing and inferring information in place of multiple / complex sensors.
Climate changes are irreversible, and agriculture is the industry most affected. Unpredictable and sometimes severe weather is a critical issue to address. No one can change the weather but monitoring and predicting it can save a lot of money for agribusinesses. This is where predictive weather monitoring of large area with single photonic system and analytics can help.
  • Cellular towers are spread across rural area.
  • 2 cellular towers are installed at a distance of 2 km. A single installation of AUM_Weather on tower can cover monitor weather for 78.5 sq. km of area.
  • The area of coverage is from 100m to 5000m.
  • A complete Rural belt spread across 1000s of acers can be covered.
  • Knowing exact weather conditions and predicting natural disasters with CATS Photonics technologies and AI can help agriculture and Livestock businesses survive climate change.
  • With this approach in monitoring livestock emission, determination of polluters, with qualitative and quantitative pollutants emitted from source can be recorded. The same can be compared with permitted emission limits and standards resulting into right actions for control.
    Advantage to Regulator
    • AUM Precisely identifies the polluter in situ.
    • Data can be categorized based on geo locations, color code and place holders.
    • With dig down facility, get the vulnerability of high pollution levels.
    • Also using simulation allow farmers and officials to quantify and monitor pollution impacts in surrounding.
    Advantage to Farmers
    • Monitoring in Right results in right control.
    • Farmers can get accurate information based by AUM measurement as to who is polluting and measuring emission of carbon di oxide and nitrogen.
    • Farmers will get proper knowledge regarding :-
      • Emission issues
      • Cause of Emission
      • Control mechanism.
    • Pollution Control mechanism can be planned based on level of Emission of respective gas.
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