Snow avalanches (hereafter called avalanches) are rapid mass movements of snow down a hillside or slope occurring in all snow-covered mountain areas worldwide. Avalanches are a major threat to critical infrastructure like water turbine projects, Roads, infrastructure, defense, etc causing delays, disruption and damage. Snow avalanches are a major natural hazard in mountainous areas in winter. Avalanche forecasters greatly rely on avalanche activity data to determine the avalanche hazard since recent avalanche occurrences provide unambiguous information on snow cover instability. Avalanche activity is usually estimated based on visual observations, which are incomplete and impossible at night or when visibility is limited. This often leads to uncertainties in the number and exact timing of avalanches.
The lethal combination of Technology :
Image Processing :- Droneachrya capability is not only limited to image processing but we have built in photonic sensors that can monitor Weather and Vibration. Hence Drone Integrated with AUM_Weather and VIDUR can simultaneously pick up images of as well as provide weather information.
  • Snow Height Acquisition: Droneacharya scans the surface cover of the snow-cover. Each data point represents a distance from the snow cover (or any other object) to the drone camera and laser. These measurements are then immediately sent to the servers to be evaluated. This helps to measure not only snow height over time at different points but also lets you see the distribution of snow as well as results of avalanche control and even natural releases.
  • Weather Profiling: Wind is usually the most important weather factor in avalanche accidents. SAMIRA can monitor wind and create a profile with large area of coverage.
  • Seismic Monitoring : VEDA Automatically detects avalanches in near real-time and in any visibility is of great interest to avalanche forecasting. VEDA IS very well suited for the remote detection of snow avalanches. To monitor avalanche activity, VEDA can be installed in or near avalanche start zones and can detect ground vibrations produced by avalanches in a range of about 2 km2 to 502 km2 . The range of the system strongly depends on the size and type of avalanches. Large avalanches can be detected when they are quite far away, whereas small avalanches cannot be detected, unless they are near to sensors.
  • Quick and less than ONE MINUTE comprehensive information of 500KM*500KM swathe (area) on Snow covered Mountains can be analyzed for digestible information that is very vital for Earth station (Command and Control).
  • With Lethal Combination Of DroneAcharya + SAMIRA + VEDA avalanche processing system can pre-operationally be used for continuously so that daily updated avalanche activity map to gain a spatially more representative view of avalanche activity within each region.
  • This helps them to verify their avalanche risk assessment that was given on the day before and reduces uncertainty in either increasing or decreasing the given avalanche danger level. CATS Deep learning methods can yield improved detection results. This will lead in crating images, detecting avalanches on a pixel scale.
  • localizing the most likely avalanche trajectories based on a terrain model that image processing with deep learning could assist the merging process, in that objects in the same probable path and close in distance should likely be assigned to the same avalanche.
  • Our relentless R&D in deep neural network will provide improved results for avalanche detection.
  • Avalanche Monitoring: Feasibility Study and Experiments are already conducted by Droneachrya, SAMIRA and VEDA.
  • CATS team of engineers, represent a comprehensive knowledge in all of the diverse application areas where Photonic sensing technology and services may be deployed. We are open to make our extensive knowledge base available to our customers in order to provide the best possible value for money and results by developing new calibrations and analysis models based on customer requirements.
  • We are looking forward with amiable and symbiotic customer relationship that can collaborate in developing this technology to its logical and commercial value.
  • The developed product can be jointly marketed and commercialized.
The market size and demands are huge as effects of avalanche is devastating. To protect the following verticals Avalanche Monitoring has become very important.
  • Damage of property: A large number of casualties take place after avalanches hit heavily populated areas. Infrastructure is damaged, and the blockage caused impacts the livelihood of many.
  • Death and injury of people, Asphyxiation is the most common cause of death, followed by death from injury and lastly, by hypothermia people buried in the avalanche if found within 15 minutes have more than a 90 percent survival rate. The rate drops to around 30 percent if found after 35 minutes.
  • Flash floods, When an avalanche occurs, it brings down all the debris with it and can cause havoc in low lying areas. They can also change weather patterns and cause crop failure in farms present in the lower fields.
  • Property and transportation, Avalanches can completely destroy whatever is on its pathways such as houses, cabins and shacks. Avalanches also can cause roads and railroad lines to close. A large amount of snow can cover entire mountain passes and travel routes with cars and trains traveling on these routes.
  • Utilities and communication Avalanches can affect humans by damaging utilities and communication. The power from these snow waves can completely destroy pipelines carrying gas or oil, thus causing leaks and spillage. Broken power lines can cause a disruption in electricity and cause thousands of people to go without power. Communication fields, such as telephone and cable lines, could go silent, causing a panic and a delay in response time and rescue.
  • Crop Failure If the snow from an avalanche accumulates on farmland located at the lower altitudes, it can completely destroy the crop, causing crop failure and heavy economic losses for the farm.
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