Mines can be hazardous to environments and the possibility of fire, flood, explosion and collapse has the potential to simultaneously affect a large number of people.


AUM can prevent & detect black lung disease
  • CO2 , CO, H/C's, H2S, NOx, O3, Sox and other oxidants.
  • Organic Particulates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - such as formaldehyde, benzene, methylene chloride and perchloroethylene
  • Measures a surrogate pollutant like Methane, Carbon Monoxide (CO) from stationary combustion source.
  • Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure etc.
  • Smoke, Fire etc.
  • Wind Profiler.


Aum installed on Drone will transforms passive tool to Proactive and Protective detective tool.
  • Easy To implement, Highly Accurate and easier to operate.
  • Real time detection of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases like Methane.
  • Sensitive and Accurate with low false alarm.
  • Raw Image collected from varying lighting, weather conditions like fog, can be improvised by smoke / cloud reduction and image stabilizing resulting to the extent 80% clarity.
Structure's, Tailing Dam, Pipelines, Tracks, conveyors, Cranes, Machines
  • Unfortunately, Tunnels, Tailing Dams have misshapen throughout history due to soil erosion and the consequences on humans and the environment have been very large.
  • Monitoring impact of pressure of Water or other Ground strains on walls / surface / ceiling area.
  • Large spectrum coverage. Focused light can travel to far away distance if proximity to the structure is difficult.
  • Recognizing the types of structural defects.
  • Identifies any signs of material deterioration or any signs of structural distress and deformation.
  • Identifies any alteration and addition in the structure, misuse which may result in overloading.
  • Load testing in case the core test results do not satisfy the requirements.
  • The unit is portable and can moved from one location to other thereby preventing Redundancy.
  • Data Collection, processing and Command and Control System : -
  • Data can be provided on mobile / cellular application. Alerts and Alarms can be set with defined thresholds.
  • Patterns / Trends and Historical data is mapped and Geo-coded if required.
  • All data will be ported to Central Command and Control system from where all corrective measures can be planned.
  • Recording noise is an important feature for detecting concealed damages like :-
    • Corrosion Of Reinforced Steel
    • Porosity And Carbonization
    • Water Pressure
Veda is creating Array of Things (AoT) that is capable of detecting, locating & classifying following threats in real time no matter how long the pipeline is.
  • Right of Way Interface.
  • Ground Strain and Seismic disturbances.
  • Geohazards & Forces of Nature.
  • Theft, Sabotage & Threat.
  • Detection of Manual or Mechanical Digging or blasting that is undertaken Kms away.
  • Remoteness of any moving platform can be detected with a geolocation at a distance reaching 15Kms.
  • Precise and Sensitive management of Vehicle weight and Volume is most critical for both legal and safety purposes.
  • VEDA can be placed on ground away from road to check the empty weight and Loaded weight.
  • Laser scans the GROUND VIBRATION and Classifies and Discriminates Moving Vehicular (type, size, and tonnage) with higher accuracies and sensitivities.
  • Thus, enabling the remote detector to gather relevant information.
Light For Diagnosis Pneumoconiosis
  • Infer signals/metrics for detecting & classifying established molecular sizes (due presence of known BIOMARKERS of pneumonia and the respiratory rate parts per billion (ppb) :-
    • VOC
  • With concentrations ranging in exhaled by an infected person would result in a measurable change in the facial mask put on the person as compared to that of a healthier un-infected person.
  • AI can augment all modes of monitoring. It can be used in structural health monitoring and infrastructure asset management, providing increased trust from the public and reducing costs of repairs and reconstruction.
  • AI and Cognitive sensor based architectural system integrated with IOT is composed of :
    • Few Photonic sensors installed based on Mining characteristics : -
    • Vibration and Deflection.
    • Weather and Pollution
    • Load and impact of speed of Vehicle
    • Pressure on Ground, Rocks, Tunnels
    • Recording of sound
    • Images Processing
    • Communication devices,
    • Dynamic Big Data that stores bridge condition data,
    • Cloud based server that calculates and analyzes data transmitted from the monitoring devices.
  • Once any parameter crossing threshold is earmarked by Photonic sensors with Geospatial information, Alarms signals can be set to inform the stakeholders of critical event.
  • Individual can be assigned to gather visuals. Drone or ROV can be mobilized in case of inaccessible location.
  • A Report on extent of Damage and need of maintenance, repairs or replacement will be advocated by Artificial intelligence platform. For ex. Determining whether there are deviations from the target load and thereby assess the maintenance requirements.
  • Cognitive and deep learning abilities will support decision making during uncertainties and develop an intelligent, self-learning scheme will be personalized for each individual asset.
  • Each phase of mine's lifecycle requires consistent, timely and reliable data collection to allow for informed decision making will be Driven by Lethal Combination of Photonic Sensing Solutions, Image Processing, Noise Management and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Implementation of these real time technologies will safely and conveniently optimizes a more accurate and actionable data capture, allowing better understanding and management for day-to-day operations of mines.
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