• Wind power is good renewable, clean and free source of energy for power production.
  • In order to install a Wind Turbine for Wind energy generation at a particular location, the primary technical and scientific requirement is to explore the technical feasibility and viability by initially assessing the Wind Power potential.
  • The current technological trends dictate that a tall steel mast be erected and wind measurements be made for a period of one year at that location.
  • Erection of tall steel masts involve huge costs and create logistical nightmares to the fabricator and contractor responsible for erection of tall masts.
  • Cats Ecosystems introduces revolutionary technology in Remote Monitoring and networking of spatially separated sensors for comprehensive geo-spatial monitoring of various parameters enabled by innovative photonic systems.
The systems are novel and innovatively uses principles of laser back scattering of aerosols carried by wind. CATS is only company providing single laser Sensor that can monitor and and capable of remotely monitoring the wind parameters (speed, direction, velocity), temperature, humidity, particulate material, solar radiation, using optoelectronics and laser. The photonic system collects 1000's data points per mili second.
  • The sensitivity and accuracy of the monitored parameters are very high compared to conventional sensor measurements. The multifarious advantages of the systems include : -
    • smaller time responses,
    • higher accuracies,
    • one system to measure a host of parameters in the time, frequency and spatial domains
    • freedom from many known constraints associated with conventional sensors.
  • SAMIRA is not affected by inertia or any changes in environmental conditions. It will measure a change in wind direction or a high gust immediately and in real time.
  • One-time Calibration required before installation resulting in low maintenance overheads. Only replacement of Laser diode is required which is reasonably priced.
  • SAMIRA is very light weight wind monitoring system. It can be easily transported from one location to other during feasibility of new site or after the wind turbines are installed. In fact, Samira can be mounted on a electric vehicle and moved from one location to other to avail precise data of overall wind farms. This will assist in analytical judgment on generation of power in a specific geo location of a wind farm.
  • When submitting a wind project for financial review, consistency of data is a primary point of consideration. Hence data is correlated and aggregated with extreme accuracy.
  • SAMIRA can be rotated 360DEG. Data of wind can be collected vertically as well as horizontally at distance of every 100mm to 5km as required.
  • SAMIRA is at the fractional cost to their conventional equivalent.
  • SAMIRA Photonic sensor will be right choice when considering :-
    • Low-cost alternative
    • Sensor is Mobile can be moved from one place to other.
    • Precision in accuracy is required wherein recording is required per milliseconds.
    • Data needs to be logged or archived.
    • Long sensor life cycle is required
  • Comprehensively mitigate gaps in current solutions & future ready i.e. redundancy proof with low capital cost and low operating cost.
  • Have vast application potential - A Laser can collect 1000 data points per millisecond in real time at different distances and at different geo locations.
  • Are naturally amenable very high accuracy & reliability. Easy to Use.
  • Can easily travel to inaccessible target areas. Replaces multiple sensors.
  • All the data is ported on proprietary Internet of Things platform for further predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • All the data is seamlessly integrated, distinguished and stored on Big Data. This will assist in making geospatial, predictive of energy generation, prescriptive and descriptive analytics on continual and long-term basis.
Features Benefits
Wind Profiling

SAMIRA measures meteorological factors like temperature, humidity, wind parameters (speed , direction, pressure, velocity).

Sensing Area coverage

Area covered by SAMIRA is 10mm to 5 Km in radius. The unit can be rotated3600. Data of air can be collected vertically as well as horizontally at distance of every 100mm to 5km as required. The laser beam travels to the targeted area / source of pollutants. With few nos. of installation complete city can be monitored for pollutants and weather conditions.

  • Wind Farms, Offshore Wind Mills, Meteorology department, Ships, Ports, Airports, etc.
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