CATS Photonic sensing technologies has the potential to make traffic more efficient, ease traffic congestion, free driver's time, make parking easier, etc.
Photonic sensing technologies helps to keep road traffic flowing, it can also reduce fuel consumption caused by vehicles idling when stationary and improve air quality and urban planning.
VEDA is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of structures simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity and acceleration of vibrations at even inaccessible locations on a structure.


Worlds only remote & contactless monitoring systems for vehicles emission that measure parameters prescribed by various standards by different countries.


  • Monitoring all gases, particulates, hydrocarbons within seconds.
  • GPS and time stamped & video capture of registration plate
  • Networked with central data of regional transport offices
  • Historical emission performance and trend of individual vehicle is plotted.
  • Printed receipt and mobile app for customer, mobile app for traffic police.
  • Other weather / pollution parameters are stored in the database.
  • Low price and one time calibration and easy to use.
  • An analytical reporting can be provided based on pollution of a specific current densely traffic road inhabited by petrol or diesel vehicles with introduction of electric vehicle in future resulting in low nos. of petrol or diesel vehicles.


  • Aum determines the exhaust gas emission behavior of all types of commercial vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Measuring exhaust emissions in the factory and on the road.
  • Measuring gas-powered vehicles (lpg and cng)
  • AUM measures the number and size distribution of the finest exhaust gas particles during transient driving cycles.
  • Fast and flexible measurements at any location with geo positioning enabled


  • During traffic congestion, vehicles spend more time on the road, idling or crawling, and undergoing numerous acceleration and deceleration events and may possibly lead to an increase in emissions
  • AUM installed on 2 far- ends of a road can provide intensity of traffic with clear line of sight upto 1 to 3 km. depending upon the orientation of road.
  • AUM can quantify the amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monooxide, hydrocarbons, pm levels emitted.
  • Resulting in real time information of traffic on road rather then depending upon GPS information transmitted by confluence of mobiles.
  • The simulation systems portrays how the gases and hydrocarbon settles & impacts neary habitats

Detection, Discrimination and Traffic statistics

  • VEDA detects, estimates distance & direction of target (vehicle / human or animal), classifies and counts.
  • VEDA is free of constraints imposed by weather / environment, and functions during day or night and time (day/night)
  • This state of art innovation can also discriminate between the types of vehicles and also identify and count pedestrians.


  • Precise and Sensitive management of VEHICLE weight is most critical for both legal and safety purposes.
  • VEDA can do publication, calculation and management of Vehicle weight in real time.
  • Weight of Vehicle can be calculated and displayed when : VEHICLE IS IN MOTION, AT HIGH SPEED OR IN A PARKING
  • Classifying and discriminating vehicular and pedestrian traffic with statistics.


  • VEDA is a non-microphone based noise monitoring system
  • VEDA need not be positioned at the exhaust of the vehicle. DB levels can be checked at different RPM.
  • Simultaneous testing of Noise levels during RDE monitoring is possible.
  • Aggregation/ Averaging can be customized as required.
  • As per ISO ISO 5130:2007 :- VEDA will measure at a specified engine speed, or RPM, and the maximum sound level produced during the test will be taken. Once three valid measurements have been made, the highest is taken and used as the valid result.


  • Veda can be implemented during each of the three phases of construction of tunnels; before operation, during operation and after operation for examination.
  • VEDA simultaneously monitors strain, tilt/inclination, displacement, vibration, sound, underground water level and ambient temperature.
  • VEDA is well-suited for tunneling applications because of their accurate data collection and high rates of data transmission.
  • VEDA has adjustable triggering threshold and sampling intervals and provide accurate, reliable and repeatable results, without need for calibration in the field.
  • CATS AI data helps the stakeholders and engineers make informed decisions about how quickly construction can progress.
  • In addition, VEDA can provide early warning of imminent failure and catastrophe by their Alarm feature by alerting when pre-set data thresholds have been exceeded.
  • VEDA real time monitoring system can thus pre-warn of potential effects on adjacent structures and utilities.

  • A Single Integrated Solution for all monitoring pollution, managing traffic, weigh in motion, statistical analytics with CATS Big data and Artificial intelligence is creating an actionable insight for drivers and road safety.
  • CATS Array of Things installed on roads and highways to collect the data will provide intelligent information with respect to total concentration of Carbon monoxide that will provide real time traffic information.
  • CATS Tunnel and Bridge monitoring secures national infrastructure & facilitates uninterrupted travel.
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