THE SHM / NDT Ecosystem

THE SHM / NDT Ecosystem members have various benefits as follows.

  • Take the advantage of doing Structural audits or conduct Condition and Vibration monitoring for machines by using state of art photonic technology
  • The condition and vibration monitoring, easy-to-use and highly user-friendly photonic products are available to members at a very minimal cost.
  • We create one-to-one synergy with you in targeting the potential market in your domain of expertise and geo-location.
  • Assisting in diagnosing the root cause of damage and reporting is the key support provided by CATS ecosystems to its members.
  • Real-time Condition and Vibration monitoring of critical infrastructure or machines is the need of the hour. CATS Structures and Exchanges new ideas on the SHM NDT.
  • All national and international members are brought under one canopy to network and interact.
  • Joining our SHM / NDT ecosystem will give you opportunities to promote your business and benefit from various professional expertise.
  • Marketing Support - We'll give you clients in your area (using our technology) and vice versa (You giving us clients and we use your expertise in Structural Audit).
  • Tender Information - We'll inform you about the latest tender openings in your geo-locations so that we can jointly participate.
  • Leveraging a larger network across the globe and country.
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