More you measure better is performance
  • Conventional method of gas analysis is done using chromatography, spectrophotometry, colorimetry, gravimetry.
  • Generally, separation step is prior to detection of mixtures, complex matrices and impurities. Hence gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is used for separating and detecting gas.
  • The acquisition price of some hyphenated instruments can go up to $1 million.
  • AUM GAS ANALYZER detects mixture of gases in stationary or mobile phase. Without any constrain of
    • Wavelength
    • Temperature
    • Mixture
  • AUM Gas is a breakthrough innovation and a paradigm shift in creating new science for gas analysis.
  • Aum_gas are not subject to kind of gas. A single unit is multifunctional analyzer that can be used to detect any type of gas.
  • AUM_GAS collects 1000's of data points per milliseconds that results into :-
    • Performance: accuracy and repeatability
    • Maintenance: corrective and preventive
    • Availability: actual and historical data
    • Validation: (manual/automatic) with statistical evaluation of results
    • Calibration: info on gases and consumption.
    • No sample volume required.
  • NO INTERFERENCE :- AUM_GAS is not subjected to corrosives or contaminants in the gas because the sensor is isolated from the stream. the result is a sensor which does not suffer from contamination or drift due to vapor impurities such as glycol, methanol or amines.
  • PAYBACK :- Very quickly pays for itself by eliminating the cost of consumables, extra sensor heads, factory calibrations, labor, and overhead associated with excessive maintenance. Expensive problems caused by unreliable gas measurements such as added processing steps and poor gas quality can be eliminated.
  • RAPID RESPONSE TIME ALLOWS FOR FAST, SIMPLE OPERATION. AUM_GAS detector takes measurements of 1000's data points per mili second and average the results per second. These real-time measurements are not hampered by wet-up (absorption) or dry-down (desorption) as with surfaced based sensors.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (AUM GAS)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up.

Measures and Monitors:-

  • AUM Gas can be easily configured for any given mixture of gases that is available in library weblink to specifications.
  • AUM GAS can be quickly calibrated for any individual GAS or mixture gases in short time.
  • Once the hardware is installed selection of gases is user defined at any moment.
  • Different types of GASES: - Web link of gases from mind map?
  • Also measures Total Suspended Particles (TSP), Any Particles less than 1?m in diameter, Temperature, flow, pressure and Opacity at the same time.
Easy to set up and maintain

For any GAS ANALYZER, redundancy and maintainability is very important. AUM design is robust and simple. IT eliminates redundancy and has very low operating expenses. AUM ie easy to install and ready to use without designing any plan for application, integration, implementation, testing etc. AUM is field tested and rugged. It is powered with a small battery or on AC power and uses less than 100 watts of power. When ready to use, the instrument starts working immediately (no warm up required).

Conventional GAS ANALYZER are not only complex in design, installation & support but also requires technical person to operate the same. year on Maintenance is an expensive task.

  • AUM_GAS is versatile in gas analysis.
  • AUM_GAS is multifunctional and can be used for various monitoring or analysis.
  • AUM_GAS also records, flow, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation etc.
  • AUM_GAS is a single stop solution for all gas analysis
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