• Many people live near point sources of emissions i.e. industrial sites or waste disposal operations or construction or mining. Due to emission of gases and particulate matter there is health impact on employees and residing population.
  • The modern incinerator are less carcinogens, however the ability to investigate such impacts is limited as reliable and accurate impact on number of people getting exposed is missing.
  • In many cases, the key question is whether releases from a point source result in a significant increase in exposure or whether other sources (background exposure) give rise to the dominant exposure.
  • Ambient concentrations of air pollution can have an effect on susceptible people, it was very difficult to predict the likely size of such effects from a single point source.
  • Augmented Simulation (AS) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the emissions in the real world are enhanced by : -
    • Computer-generated perceptual information,
    • Photonics Sensing Solutions
  • AUM AS simultaneously checks wind speed, velocity & direction, temperature humidity as well as parameters of CEMS on real time basis.
  • The outcome is in the form of augmented simulation that : -
    • Identifies geospatial and precise location Impact
    • Source identification
    • Incidence and Risk Management
    • Intelligent Modeling and checking Biomarkers.
  • Combination of Photonics, Augmented Reality, GPS and GIS can provide a versatile information for representing environmental changes in a large focused area impacted by emission.
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