CATSMART interactions between these entities are creating new types and smart applications for :-
Photonic Sensing technologies will ensures to measure and develop sustainable action on Climate Change.
  • Photonic Sensing technologies will enable City, urban planners, residents, and researchers to monitor and examine Cities environment, and activity, including detecting trends and changes over time. Ultimately, the goal is to measure the city in sufficient detail to provide data to help engineers, scientists, policymakers and residents work together to make City and other cities healthier, more livable and more efficient.
  • The data will help to make a truly smart city, allowing the City to operate more efficiently and realize cost savings by anticipating and proactively addressing potential problems like urban flooding.
  • Photonic Sensing technologies integrated with Array of Things provides information on all the sources of air pollution in City on an intuitive heat map with a high resolution of 1km by 1 km. It helps to see the full picture of air quality in City. In addition, we provide wind charts and reverse trajectories for the pollution components, thus highlighting possible sources of pollution.

AIR Quality

  • AUM Air Quality Monitoring : Air Pollution monitoring can be implemented block to block and not city to city. Color code and Placeholder location wise. Dig down facility to the lowest level. Provide every individual alert of pollution level.
  • AUM Electromagnetic field levels : Measurement of the energy radiated by cell stations and WiFi routers.
  • AUM Sewer Monitoring : The primary components of sewer gas (hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide is monitored by Portable AUM. These are highly concentration gas chambers. AUM Monitoring gas chambers and sewer lines will safeguard lives of innocent people.
  • AUM Landfill Monitoring: Measuring methane emissions directly from landfills and developing a better understanding of how environmental variables control these emissions are essential for reducing the uncertainty in reported greenhouse gas emissions. AUM provides a continuous, automatic, direct measurement of spatially averaged gas flux over a large upwind area with no human interference.
  • AUM Augmentation Simulation: The complexity of urban landscape and wind patterns affect the trajectories of harmful volatile compounds. It happens that a particular chemical comes to a specific location from an unexpected source. Aum simultaneously checks wind speed, velocity & direction. Identifies geospatial, precise location Impact, Source identification, Incidence and Risk Management, Intelligent Modeling and checking Biomarkers. CATS AI will assist citizen with intelligent tools that will distinguish healthy air across the length and breadth of the city. Choose any point on the map to get pollution sources breakdown in percentages of contribution of traffic, industrial facilities, biosphere, forest fires and others.
  • Fitness Tracker: - Aum installed across the city collects real time data of environment, noise, smog and activity for research and public use. Aum will essentially serve as Fitness tracker of the city, measuring factors that impact different locations of city (block to block) such as climate, air quality and noise. monitoring air quality, sound and vibration (to detect heavy vehicle traffic), and temperature can be used to suggest the healthiest and unhealthiest times and routes through the city, or to study the relationship between diseases and the urban environment.
  • Mobile App and Billboard Display: - Because the data will be published openly and without charge, a mobile application will allow a resident to track their exposure to certain air contaminants, or to navigate through the city based on avoiding urban heat islands, poor air quality, traffic wherein carbon monoxide is intensely spread or excessive noise and congestion.
  • Identifying Polluters: - With our unique approach in emission monitoring, we will determine qualitative and quantitative pollutants emitted from source. The same are compared with permitted emission standards and right actions will be taken by authority.

Water Quality

  • The AUM_JAL will be able to monitor, distinguish, discriminate, qualitative & quantitative contamination like:- Parasites, particulate material, selective bacteria, other biological pollutants.
  • AUM_JAL can be installed in process line i.e. Untreated water and Treated water

Weather and Flood Monitoring

  • AUM_AWS Measures meteorological factors like temperature, humidity, wind parameters, precipitation that show how pollutants are transferred from source to recipient. It creates value in monitoring, modelling and forecasting of meteorological information by integrated, interpreted and communicated in real-time in a form that decision makers can use. Government and Solution providers will be able to efficiently drive significant improvements in the quality of life for the cities that they manage.

Ocean Monitoring

  • For coastal city, AUM_OCEAN provides solutions using optoelectronic system that is capable of identifying natural hydrodynamic signatures generated by biological organisms, phenomena like tsunamis, waves, tides and currents and earth quakes.
  • AUM will co-relate Dams water levels, Ocean Tides, and Waves height, river water levels and rainfall. This will assist to estimate water logging, flooding and alert the citizen well in advance of upcoming adversity if any. The system will also support Flood Area Inundation Mapping. At high altitudes avalanche monitoring will also be done. All this correlation will assist to protect citizen and prevent collateral damages.
  • Moving Vehicle Monitoring: Real time vehicular traffic monitoring to detect, estimate distance, direction of vehicle from system, classify, speed, weight, ambient sound intensity and count the vehicles.
    Patterns created with respect to Traffic jams, peak hours scenarios, festive time congestions, will assist police and other authorities to undertake proper planning and take right action.
  • Pedestrian counting : Real time observation which areas of the city are heavily populated by pedestrians at different times of day to suggest safe and efficient routes for walking late at night or for timing traffic lights during peak traffic hours to improve pedestrian safety and reduce congestion-related pollution.
  • Smart parking : VEDA Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city.
  • Noise Urban maps : VEDA Sound monitoring in congestion areas and centric zones in real time.
  • Structural Health: VIDUR Monitoring of vibrations and conditions of structures, buildings, bridges and historical monuments provides integrity, safety and security to cities infrastructure.
  • Smart Urban Transport
  • CATS Photonic Sensing technologies collectively scans traffic patterns to reduce road accidents and optimizing sailing routes to minimize emissions, CATS AI will create opportunities to make transport safer, more reliable, more efficient and cleaner.
  • City buses and railways (Metro) will have smooth operations. CATS Photonic Sensing technologies holds the promise of dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency in transport. This will make transport safer, more reliable and efficient, and cleaner. smart traffic systems that reduce congestion and emissions.
  • CATSMART Multifunctional Pole is an LED lighting system that comprises of pollution monitoring, CCTV, ground vibration information, water level and noise monitoring system.
  • These smart multi-functional lighting poles are the solution for smart cities to customize the street lighting for their needs over and above pure lighting.
  • The pole can be used for street light, traffic signal, decorative elements etc.
  • Smart lighting: Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights.
  • Cats Photonic Sensors cumulatively detects threat in real time in microseconds.
  • Various threats are early & timely predicted, detected, prevented with Geospatial that are related to fire and smoke.
  • CATS Photonic Sensors mitigates threats by integrating with Proprietary Command and Control Systems that provides early alerts and alarms.
Monitoring Environment, Sound, Vibrations and Video Analytics, and Array of Things is integrated with BIG DATA will provide new dimension & actionable insights, enabling each individual to harness information for a better integrated Global Society
  • Accuracy and Sensitivity
    • Optical scattering ensures higher orders of accuracy and sensitivity. CATS systems generally have about three to four orders of magnitude higher compared to most conventional systems.
  • Long-term monitoring
    • CATS Photonic Sensing Technologies provides real-time insights alerts and longer-term perspectives on how conditions are changing.
    • High-resolution maps of heat, air quality and water quality could be used by city planners to optimize the quality of life of citizens as the city grows and develops.
    • Armed with detailed, longer-term data, city planners will be able to make decisions for future developments of infrastructure with a clear understanding of the likely implications for the environment
  • Cost-effective deployment
    • Implementation of CATS Photonic Sensing Technologies for city-wide monitoring system is not complex or particularly not expensive undertaking.
    • The systems required for analysis is housed in the cloud-based data centers and run on standard, low-cost hardware, which is orders of magnitude lower in price than the hardware of similar accuracy of 5-10 years ago.
    • With CATS, forecasts integrated with real-time monitoring with high-resolution models of air quality has become much easier to deploy for cities, as the costs of cloud-based data storage and processing power needed for fine scale, high-resolution forecasts have decreased exponentially over the last few years.
  • Generating value from environmental solutions : - CATS Photonic Sensing Technologies integrated with CATSMARt AI creates value in monitoring, modelling and forecasting of environmental information by integrated, interpreted and communicated in real-time in a form that decision makers can use.
  • Government and Solution providers will be able to efficiently drive significant improvements in the quality of life for the cities that they manage.
  • With great potential to increase efficiency and sustainability, among other benefits, comes a host of socioeconomic, institutional, and political challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure that countries and their citizens can all harness the power of AI for economic growth and shared prosperity.
Business Intelligence and Prediction
  • Discovering what we don't know from data
    • Discovering major pollutants.
    • Discovering ambient levels of benzene in the immediate vicinity of Gas stations.
  • Obtaining predictive, actionable insight from data
    • Action against to reduce the pollutant is are by taking various social precautionary measures
    • Providing Live Dashboard to Pollution Control board, NEWS channel and Pollution of Billboards.
  • Creating Data Products that have business impact.
    • Communicating relevant business stories from data and Building con?dence in decisions that drive business value.
    • Like make the polluters pay.
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