Fishermen needs insight into waves, tides, and currents. However, projects like Offshore Oil fields, require sophisticated, complex and long-term ocean monitoring solutions involving a multi-faceted approach to data collection.
Whether in shallow coastal environments, or deep blue ocean, AUM_OCEAN provides solutions for environmental research used in oceanographic, hydrographic and climate research markets.
AUM Optoelectronic system are capable of identifying natural hydrodynamic signatures generated by biological organisms, phenomena like tsunamis, waves, tides and currents and earth quakes.
The Optoelectronic system delivers the most technologically advanced self-contained and integrated remote underwater observation systems.
Suits of integrated Algorithm associated with Hydrodynamic signatures and coupled with Deep learning platform to provide accurate and sensitive information.
AUM_OCEAN can be deployed in a seabed installation in shallow waters, or mounted onto a fixed structure in the upper water column.
  • Extracting the waves speed, length and depth.
  • Solving the depression level for Depth.
  • AUM (OCEAN) is near real-time data reception of the Ocean from space will be omnipresent, providing for a simple, inexpensive and quick access to the series of images of one and the same area.
  • Forecasting and mitigation of natural and technological disasters.
  • Damage assessments.
  • Mapping Shallow water (less than 50M) waves height providing useful insights to various functions.
    • Modelling / Beach Erosion.
    • Navigational Information
    • Amphibian operation during time of Wat.
  • CATS team of engineers, and Ocean experts represent a comprehensive knowledge in all of the diverse application areas where Photonic sensing technology and services may be deployed. We are open to make our extensive knowledge base available to our customers in order to provide the best possible value for money and results by developing new calibrations and analysis models based on customer requirements.
  • We are looking forward with amiable and symbiotic customer relationship that can collaborate in developing this technology to its logical and commercial value.
  • The developed product can be jointly marketed and commercialized.
Typical applications for the AUM_OCEAN are measurements of tide and wave in ports and harbors, marine operations, weather forecast, and climate studies.
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