Mapping of Coastal Waters Oil Spills and Pollution Monitoring
  • DRONEACHARYA image processing algorithms extract the wakes, oil spills, internal waves etc.
  • The pollution characteristics can be monitored along with geospatial information.
Suits of integrated Algorithm associated with Hydrodynamic signatures and coupled with Deep learning platform to provide accurate and sensitive information.
Quick and less than ONE MINUTE comprehensive information of 500KM*500KM swath (area) on Earth can be analyzed for digestible information that is very vital for Earth station (Command and Control).
  • Oil spill: Feasibility Study and Experiments are already conducted for Instantaneous Detection of Oil Spill and pollution.
  • CATS team of engineers, and Water toxic experts represent a comprehensive knowledge in all of the diverse application areas where Photonic sensing technology and services may be deployed. We are open to make our extensive knowledge base available to our customers in order to provide the best possible value for money and results by developing new calibrations and analysis models based on customer requirements.
  • We are looking forward with amiable and symbiotic customer relationship that can collaborate in developing this technology to its logical and commercial value.
  • The developed product can be jointly marketed and commercialized.
Ocean Pollution Monitoring, Oil Spill Assessments and Control.
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