• A tsunami is a series of very long waves generated by rapid, large-scale disturbances of the sea the sudden displacement of a large volume of water, generally from the raising or lowering of the seafloor caused by :
    • earthquakes
    • landslide
    • volcanic eruptions
    • explosions
    • meteorites
  • Tsunamis strike rarely when compared to other disasters but impact of tsunami calamity is very enormous.
  • An essential component of an effective tsunami warning system is to provide timely and accurate tsunami forecasts.
  • Tsunami Warning Center decisionmakers must assess the hazard to coastal communities by rapidly collecting and interpreting earthqake and sealevel data.
  • Sea level observations are very crucial to confirm the generation of tsunami and to predict the tsunami hazard for locations where the waves have yet to strike.
  • By inverting sea level observations, one can also estimate earthquake source information.
  • AUM Optoelectronic system are capable of identifying natural hydrodynamic signatures generated by biological organisms, phenomena like tsunamis, waves, tides and currents and earth quakes.
  • AUM Optoelectronic system is near real-time data reception of the natural hydrodynamic signature that assist in forecasting and mitigating natural disasters.
  • The AUM Optoelectronic system delivers the most technologically advanced self-contained and integrated remote underwater observation systems.
  • VEDA and AUM Optoelectronic monitors earthquake & tsunami Respectively. This will help to predict the waveform at the coastal areas before the wave makes landfall.
  • CATS Photonic technologies with AI based techniques can make it possible to accurately and rapidly obtain flooding forecasts for specific areas and can also offer critical insights into the effects of localised waves on surrounding infrastructure like buildings and roads.
  • This end to end system will assist to make evacuation measures more efficient.
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