• Air flow management is the most ingredient aspect of Data center, PCb Manufacturing, Clean Room etc.
  • A perfect Air flow management is dictated by the correctly monitored parameter of Air :-
    • Temperature
    • Velocity
    • Humidity and
    • Direction
  • One unit AUM IAQ can monitor flow of hot air and cold air in the Servers gangway i.e. 20ft. Length * 10ft of height.
  • Limitations of two of the most widespread tools used for airflow measurements i.e. balometers and anemometers are overcome by AUM_IAQ
    • No routine calibration required for photonic sensors.
    • No back-pressure compensation algorithms:-
      • Algorithms cant fully compensate for the high differential pressures and high flow rates to produce an accurate Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) value.
    • No confluence of sensors required at various breadth and height of racks.
    • No assumption regarding uniform velocity:-
      • Extrapolation of CFM from panel velocity contains another substantial assumption?that velocity is uniform across the entire surface area of the airflow panel.
    • No constraints with respect to type of airflow panels
      • high-flow grates, panels with/without dampers.
  • Continuous Air flow Temperature & Humidity monitoring is possible at different location.
  • Parameters required for CFD analysis is available every second.
  • Precise and sensitive measurement will lead to proper energy management of HVAC.
  • Demand by customer for minimum and uniform CFM airflow from panel at different heights can be provided in scientific & credible manner.
  • While AUM_IAQ Photonic System is monitoring AIR flow and its parameter it is also monitors AIR QUALITY.
  • The AUM_IAQ Photonic System is unique in monitoring the entire structure of air and the rate of volume of air no such system exists as of today.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (AUM_IAQ)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up. AUM IAQ monitors multiple gases in real time. There is not limit of gases that can be monitored at same time. Gases monitoring can be customized as per need.

CO2, CO, O3, Sox, and other oxidants.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Any Particles less than 1üm in diameter
Smoke and fire detection
Lead Particulates / Particulate Material (PM 2.5 / PM 10)
Airborne Microbial
Organic Particulates
Thermal Comfort
Relative Humidity,
Air Flow Management
  • Data Center, Clean Room Pharmaceuticals, hospitals, Warehouses with Controlled Environment and workplace.
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