Although, acoustic techniques are currently in vogue technologies for detection and tracking of submerged bodies like submarine and autonomous underwater vehicles, the advent of silent submarines and the ensuing technologies resulting in the reduction of acoustic signatures is making naval surveillance very difficult, especially in shallow water environments. Some of the non-acoustic techniques such as Magnetic Anomaly Detection, LIDAR, bioluminescence detection, etc. were earlier thought to be promising, however subsequent research showed their inherent limitations which restrict their use for detection over a wide area and also from a large distance.
  • Using Satellite and Small-scale UAVs (Drone-acharya) in image processing and Sensitive monitoring of surface area for various objectives related to Surveillance, Security, Environmental, Disaster, Search and Rescue etc.
  • The remote sensing satellite systems will detect targets from Space, interprets hydrodynamic patterns that are generated by targets. The optical and radar images of ship wakes can be interpreted in terms of the classical work of Kelvin and Bragg, respectively.
  • Image Enhancement, Texture Recognition, Edge Detection, Moving Target Identification, Face Recognition, Target Identification, Image Segmentation and Classification, Target Classification, Feature Extraction, Geocoding, Change Detection, Radon Transform, Hough Transform, Filters, Masking, Morphology, Motion Analysis
  • Drone-acharya is capable of distinguishing, detecting and discriminating targets that are approaching or descending ships from 100km.
  • It can also track and monitor a diver from 20m to 20Km, above or under the Sea.
  • Sensitive information from surface or subsurface can be collected, processed and communicated within 2 milliseconds.
  • Coastline and Off Shore National Collaterals ex. Offshore Oil fields can be safe guarded.
  • Raw Image collected from varying lighting, weather conditions like fog, can be improvised by smoke / cloud reduction and image stabilizing resulting to the extent of 80% clarity.
  • Suits of integrated Algorithm associated with Hydrodynamic signatures and coupled with Deep learning platform to provide accurate and sensitive information.
Quick and less than ONE MINUTE comprehensive information of 500KM*500KM swath (area) on Earth can be analyzed for digestible information that is very vital for Earth station (Command and Control).
  • Near Real time intelligent information can be transmitted esp.
    • In course of intrusion,
    • War like situation,
    • Disaster management and Search and Rescue
    • Oil Spill and Pollution.
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