Thermal comfort is a condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment. Due to its subjectivity, thermal comfort is different for every individual. It is maintained when the heat generated by the human metabolism is allowed to dissipate at a rate that maintains thermal equilibrium in the body. There are six primary Thermal comfort variables:
  • Ambient temperature
  • Radiant temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Air motion / flow
  • Metabolic rate (amount of energy expended)
  • Clothing insulation
Major Break-through in Microbial Identification by AUM
  • Photonic system scans the defined area and monitors temperature, humidity and air flow.
    • The air flow management can automatically control air flow rate and temperature, based on set comfort parameter.
    • Air flow & temperature can be profiled across the monitored space, this will provide thermal comfort across the different section of space.
    • The moisture in air is monitored so that in highly humid place right configuration of dehumidifier can be planned to heat the air. This will result high capital saving in installing right desiccants.
  • Photonic systems also at same time monitors pollutants.
    • The high concentration of Carbon di oxide in large area beyond a set parameter will alert the system to open for fresh air duct and treat the air.
    • Hence a perfect management of treating required volume of fresh air can be done only with use of AUM Photonic systems.
  • Laser reaches every nook and corner of room to collect the data that will assist ventilation effectiveness and thermal comfort.
  • The systems thereby can save huge electricity bills by controlling operation time of compressors.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (AUM_TCVE)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up. AUM TCVE monitors multiple gases in real time. There is not limit of gases that can be monitored at same time. Gases monitoring can be customized as per need.

CO2, CO, O3, Sox and other oxidants.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Any Particles less than 1üm in diameter
Smoke and fire detection
Lead Particulates / Particulate Material (PM 2.5 / PM 10)
Airborne Microbial
Organic Particulates
Thermal Comfort
Relative Humidity,
Air Flow Management
  • Offices, Restaurants, Banquets, hospitals, Large working area like BPO, It park, auditorium, Cold Storage, etc.
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