Precise and Sensitive management of Moving platform, weight and balance is most critical for both legal and safety purposes.
We can do publication, calculation and management of moving platform Weight and Balance in real time.
VEDA is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of Ground simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of vibrations.
  • VEDA can be placed on the ground away from road, rail or runway to check the weight of moving platform.
  • Thus, enabling the remote detector to gather relevant information.
  • The single system is capable of monitoring weight, speed, discriminate the types of moving platform with higher accuracies and sensitivities.
  • The system is portable, mobile and easy to install. Real time recording can be initiated immediately.
  • The Laser light beam is not visible hence, it does not create any mobility interferences or disturbances.
  • Based on severity and sensitivity of application, VEDA can be installed on ground surface or underground.
  • Veda is creating Array of Things (AoT) that is capable of detecting, locating & classifying following threats in real time
  • Other than providing the VEDA ensures & secures multiple threats that can lead to substantial damage and loss. Threats are detected, localized, and responded before attacks occur. Threats and Unwanted activities in the vicinity of infrastructure are predicted and prevented.
  • Real time monitoring will save huge capital and maintenance overheads.
  • CATS comprehensive range of equipment enables us to weigh all types of moving platforms from micro-lights and UAVs to the Boeing B747 and A380.
    The system is rugged and can function in adverse / severe environment in real time and can:
    • Classify and Discriminate Vehicular and Pedestrian traffic with Statistics.
    • Moving Vehicular identification (type, size, and tonnage)
    • Vehicle speed, approximate Distance and Geo Position.
    • Recording Sound of the intruder (i.e. point of interest) after filtering other environmental sounds
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