Modern airports and seaports embrace the benefits of automation and new technologies for operational efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, customer satisfaction and predictive capacity planning.
As airports and Sea ports become more digitally connected, the Array of of Things (AoT) can open up a world of opportunities. Much more than merely improving efficiency, AoT can transform the traveler experience and generate new revenue.
Real Time Condition & Vibration Monitoring : -


  • Pollutants and Gases (Indoor and Outdoor)
    • Methane / CO, CO2, Sox, Nox, H2s Chlorine, Lpg, Mercury, black carbon etc.
    • PM levels 1,2.5,4,10, etc
    • VOC and Other combustion gases can be detected on real time basis
  • Ventilation Effectiveness and Thermal Comfort
    • Temp, humidity, Air flow management
  • Biological Pollutants (Indoor)
    • Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Virus
  • Duct IAQ
    • AUM is integrated in Robot that is robust and portable. The integrated system not only checks every part of duct but also cleans. This makes it practical and simple and with low implementation costs.
    • AUM Duct gives the opportunity of planning maintenance intervention by limiting it only when standard HVAC working conditions need to be restored.
    • AUM Duct allows independently evaluating the cleaning state of both plant ducts and filters. It is extremely flexible, automatic, low-cost, and able to provide a complete check of the system (filters and air ducts).


  • AUM_Fire is extremely sensitive that captures release of smoke even from cigarette. With clear line of sight, distance to monitor fire or smoke is not a limiting factor.
  • A building fire can lead to serious consequences - even a small fire can grow in seconds unless quickly suppressed.
  • Fire and security systems are critical to site safety.
  • Photonic systems can help ensure proper evacuation and limit the spread of fire, reducing damage and increasing the safety of personnel.
  • The severity of smoke or fire is predicted by AUM based photonic system and Array of things on increase in concentration.
  • AUM qualifies and quantifies the gas. Based on concentration of gas, information is sent to command and control system.
  • Laser light will travel to the source of fire or smoke, rather than waiting for smoke to reach the sensor.


  • Samira monitors wind parameters using single photonic system.
    • Wind Speed, Direction, Density, Pressure (dynamic, static and total)
    • Air temperature & Relative Humidity
    • Particulate Matter 1, 2.5, 4 and 10
    • Emission monitoring by Aircraft or Ships.
  • SAMIRA is used to detect the wind -speed and direction- at various elevations above the ground up to 5000 meters.
  • Readings are made at each approximately 25 meters in periods of ten seconds.
  • Airports
    • These data are very useful for flight planning, in special when the aeroplane is in the approximation area of the airport.
    • As the low level wind shear (LLWS) plays a very important role for the pilots when the aeroplane is landing or taking off, SAMIRA focus on the possibility of obtaining a measure of this LLWS in the approximation of the runway, according to the severity categories of LLWS expressed in terms of vertical wind shear.
    • By means of a software application wind profiler is used to detect low vertical wind shear and inversion of temperature in order to provide improvements to the models through which the warnings are made.
  • Seaports
    • Maritime transports and port activities can be seriously affected by severe weather and sea conditions.
    • Samira monitors wind parameters and assists the forecaster to predict and prevent damages to ships, marine structures and humans.
    • Ports handling iron ore, coal etc., inevitably drift dust in nearby habitats. This is very harmful and cause nuisance. SAMIRA can provide upwind and down wind analysis for on shore and off shore winds.
    • Consistency is critical to the overall success of monitoring programs and achieving high quality data capture.
    • Continues wind monitoring in 3600 direction and generating wind profile will provide adequate exposure to port emissions sources and the surrounding environment.


  • SAMIRA Monitors and Predicts Wake Turbulence, Wind-shear and air Turbulence hazard.
  • Predicting the threat of a following aircraft encountering a leading aircraft's wake turbulence.
  • Show how these predictions evolve in time as flight operations progress.
  • Pilots are responsible for maintaining adequate horizontal and vertical separation for wake turbulence. Samira assist pilot to avoid wake turbulence.
  • This leads to :-
    • Boost Runway throughput
    • Time reduction scientific approach applied for Runway occupancy.
    • Generates Additional Revenue for Airport.
  • Precise and Sensitive management of Moving platform, weight and balance is most critical for both legal and safety purposes.
  • We can do publication, calculation and management of moving platform Weight and Balance in real time.
  • VEDA is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of Ground simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of vibrations.
  • Aircraft
    • One of the criteria for Air Worthiness is weight and balance of Aircraft is mandatory to be authorized by the Pilot before every takeoff.
    • VEDA can calculate the weight of Aircraft while it is on parking bay, during take off and Landing on runway, while the goods and passengers are laden on Aircraft.
  • Weight of Cargo
    • VEDA can be placed on ground to check the weight of container.
    • Laser scans the GROUND VIBRATION
    • Thus, enabling the remote detector to gather relevant information.
    • VEDA is ideal for non-contact real time measurements of weight, position, motion, distance and vibration
    • Veda is creating Array of Things (AoT) that is capable of detecting, locating & classifying following threats in real time
  • Dimensions of special cargo
    • VIDUR being a multi-channel photodetector array is used and provides multiple detection and ranging segments. Full-waveform analysis enables detection and distance measurement of multiple objects in each segment, provided that foreground objects do not fully obscure objects behind them.
    • Oversampling and accumulation techniques are used to provide extended resolution and range.
    • The core of sensing technology lies with the pulsing of diffused light, collection of reflected light (including oversampling and accumulation), and full-waveform analysis. The light source type, the number of light sources, the illumination and reception beam, and the number of photodetectors can all be tailored to fit specific application requirements such as detection range, beam, and spatial resolution.


  • The Advanced Photonic Sensor that is Non-Imaging / Non-Acoustic Sensors VEDA, has monitoring capabilities for remote surveillance, sensing, inferring and enabling alert for any type of intrusion without any constraint of visibility during Fog, Smog, Mist etc. and also runs 24/7/365 Day or Night.
  • Target activity produces ground acoustic vibration. Weight, speed, direction and distance of the target is recorded by VEDA with geo spatial information.
  • VEDA identifies and classifies cross-border intrusion and tailgating threat, in real time and communicates to Command and Control.
  • Thus, enabling Cross line detection / perimeter fencing.
  • The system can also intelligently distinguish between Vehicles, Human and Animal Activity.


    • Droneacharya collects Wake Signature of Ship and transforming the data into Knowledge and Intelligence
    • Droneacharya will detect targets from Space, Interprets hydrodynamic patterns that are generated by targets.
    • The optical images of ship wakes can be interpreted in terms of the classical work of Kelvin and Bragg, respectively.
    • Novel non acoustic surveillance system.
    • Sos source-receiver pairs aligned in different directions for enabling doa (direction of arrival) information.
    • The sos is a self recording unit with real time display and can either be moored at sea, fixed on the bottom of the seabed or can be mounted on the hull of a ship / platform.
    • Suits of integrated algorithm associated with hydrodynamic signatures and coupled with deep learning platform to provide accurate and sensitive information.
    • Quick and less than one minute comprehensive information of 500km*500km swath (area) on earth can be analyzed for digestible information that is very vital for earth station (command and control).


  • ALERT (Advanced Laser Enabled Reconnaissance Technology) is a Breakthrough Invention in Remote Monitoring and networking of spatially separated sensors for comprehensive geo-spatial monitoring of various parameters enabled by innovative photonic systems.
  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative data of drone intrusion is collected in real time using a single laser source as a function of time and space.
  • ALERT can detect moving platforms based on its Vibration and looking at wake created by Drones.
  • To counter threat, identifying type of drone is important. Cats Photonic systems then be precisely cued to the drone track for evaluation of the potential threat.
  • For instance, to see what type of drone is approaching and if there is any type of visible payload. If the drone proceeds the alarm level can then be escalated.
  • Unfortunately, CRANES have misshapen throughout history and the consequences on humans and the environment have been very large.
  • One need to monitor and qualify following 5 important aspects :-
    • Detecting the existence of the damage.
    • Locating the damage / porosity.
    • Identifying the types of damage.
    • Quantifying the severity of the damage.
    • Resolution.
  • VIDUR can seamlessly monitor vibration of Steel and Civil Structure.
  • VIDUR can diagnose the current structural strength and Health of crane from a far away distance if proximity is difficult.
  • VIDUR can collect information from inaccessible areas.
Laser Sensors, Proprietary Image Processing software BIG DATA Analytics and Array of Things are analogous to the human nervous system for creating an interconnected world. These lethal combinations of technologies will assist to monitor, infer, diagnose, create pattern and predict the future, that will trigger early alarms and alerts for various monitoring this results into :
  • Additional Revenue in providing services like weight of Aircraft every time it lands and takes off on runway or at parking bay.
    • Boost Runway throughput. Time reduction with scientific approach applied for Runway occupancy. Generates Additional Revenue for Airport.
    • Indoor Air quality providing thermal comfort to customer will save huge amount of power.
    • Use of photonic system saves time, less manpower and provides data with high accuracy and sensitivity.
    • Additional revenue for MRO in providing structural health services and condition and vibration monitoring services for turbine or any type of engine. (if MRO services are provided by respective Airport Authority).
  • In providing services like weight of Aircraft every time it lands and takes off on runway or at parking bay. Customer Delight: A good and heathy indoor Air Quality supports additional through put by airport employees.
  • Customers are in comfort zone due to right cooling or heating.
    Show how these predictions evolve in time as flight operations progress.
  • Assisting Pilots for maintaining adequate horizontal and vertical separation for wake turbulence.
  • Counting, distinguishing and discriminating footfalls can assist in developing pattern to plan expansions and growth.
  • Security and Surveillance, Perimeter security, Runway monitoring, intrusion etc. are managed by devices based on ground vibration.
  • Surveillance of aircraft / ships and when it is unmanned at parking bay.
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