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The primary objective of Food and Drug industry is to have high levels of hygiene. Various standards and protocols are required to be followed. With right monitoring systems integrated with CATs Array of things and AI can provide. Photonic Sensing Technologies is helping to improve personal hygiene in a food plant, Pharma and which is just as important as hygiene in a kitchen, and helps to ensure that a facility is compliant with regulations.
A single sensor replacing hosts of sensors provides data in real time using wireless sensing network
  • Pollutants and Gases
    • 20 different gases including Methane / CO, CO2, Sox, Nox, H2s Chlorine, Lpg, Mercury etc.
    • VOC and Other combustion gases can be detected on real time basis.
  • Dust Monitoring
  • AUM can predict with near 100% accuracy the most ideal times and conditions by which to carry out specific processes in that cleanroom or controlled environment.
  • The rendered data collected by AUM will enable us to know not only when a cleanroom will be 'dirty' but also what exactly is making it dirty, and why.
    • AUM Monitors PM Level 1, 2.5, 4, & 10
  • Ventilation Effectiveness
    • Temp, humidity, Differential air pressure
  • The analysis of cleanroom is critical. AUM ensures contamination-free manufacturing and is achieved by source control and source monitoring in combination with filtration solutions in air handling systems.
  • Permanent monitoring of the AMC level helps identifying sources, stabilises production and prevents unexpected shortfalls of the service life of filtration units.
  • Airborne molecular contamination also includes Virus and Bacteria. AUM can provide the probability of virus in air in give environment. The revolutionary AUM unit detects, discriminates and identifies following bacteria in air.
  • The Aum system can be customized to detect a particular variant of bacteria.
  • Integrating temperature, Relative Humidity and differential pressure sensor system, biological detecting in one will provide more efficient and effective live particulate detection with geo position.
  • AUM Gas analyzers detect very low levels of numerous compounds, at multiple temporal spatial points, giving the user time to react and correct.
  • AUM Chemical gases detection and fugitive emissions monitors compounds such as acrylonitrile, naphthalene, styrene, 1, 3-butadiene, formaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone, refrigerant detection etc.
  • Customized Gas Analysis and real time monitoring identifies critical sources and leads to focused maintenance intervention.
  • AUM qualifies and quantifies the gas. Based on concentration of gas, information will be sent to command and control system in real time.
  • AUM Leakage and fugitive gas emission monitoring overrides limitation of both OSHA and the EPA that have limits in place to monitor exposure, but the use of passive monitors only report average concentrations over time and therefore cannot identify a specific event. Remediation sites can also contain hazardous chemicals that might be released under certain atmospheric conditions.
  • AUM_Fire is extremely sensitive that captures release of smoke even from cigarette. With clear line of sight, distance to monitor fire or smoke is not a limiting factor.
  • A building fire can lead to serious consequences - even a small fire can grow in seconds unless quickly suppressed.
  • Fire and security systems are critical to site safety.
  • Photonic systems can help ensure proper evacuation and limit the spread of fire, reducing damage and increasing the safety of personnel.
  • The severity of smoke or fire is predicted by AUM based photonic system and Array of things on increase in concentration.
  • AUM qualifies and quantifies the gas. Based on concentration of gas, information is sent to command and control system.
  • Laser light will travel to the source of fire or smoke, rather than waiting for smoke to reach the sensor.
  • Routine Vibration Analysis and Diagnosis : Generator, Pump, Motor, Fan, Compressor etc
    • Shaft and Rotor - Unbalance, Bent, Misalignment
    • Bearing - Damages, Distortion, Loss of Lubricants
    • Gear - Tooth Meshing Fault, Worn Teeth, Misalignment
    • Mechanical Looseness
  • VIDUR predictive maintenance, helps producers address maintenance issues in advance of equipment breakdown
    • Preventing extended downtime,
    • Avoiding unnecessary damage,
    • Improving operational efficiency, and
    • Reducing maintenance costs.
  • VIDUR allows operators to stop production for just a few minutes each month, for example, to replace a fan that's about to break, rather than replacing each fan every year whether it needs it or not.
  • To implement systematic 4.0 predictive maintenance, cement companies must first equip all critical machines with VIDUR that monitor in-use equipment conditions, such as vibration, temperature, and pressure. They should then aggregate the data from these VIDUR into repositories, or "data lakes."
  • In addition, they should establish the performance thresholds that will trigger maintenance whenever the value from a sensor goes beyond the relevant threshold. Finally, they should use machine-learning algorithms to analyze historical data, run simulations, uncover the root causes of past failures, and predict the risk of failure for each machine.
  • Predictive maintenance can add value to three primary installations in a cement plant the gear boxes; the mills, which are expensive and numerous; and the kiln, which requires long interventions in cases of breakdown and must be shut down for several weeks each year to replace the refractory lining.
  • While AUM Monitors atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, differential pressure in the containing facility, geographical analysis, Human Exhaled breath analysis is essential. Essentially, AUM integrated with Dr T. would constantly pull data from every conceivable source within and outside of the cleanroom.
    • WEIGHT
  • Photonic Sensing systems Mitigates the risk of Leakages Multiple Threat, Environmental challenges, Machines optimum uptime, Structural Stability & Security for all collaterals / infrastructure.
    • Low Capital Cost and Low Operating Cost. Options for Service Model.
    • Effectively monitor various leaks scenarios. Comparatively locates leaks faster, reliable, robust & with high sensitivity prevents leaks accurately on real time basis, regardless of fluctuating pipeline conditions.
    • Ensures & Secures multiple threat that can lead to substantial damage and loss. Threats are detected, localized, and responded before damage occurs. Threats and Unwanted activities in the vicinity of infrastructure are predicted and prevented.
    • Real time Condition, Vibration monitoring of Machines, Structures, Conveyors, Boilers etc., will save huge capital and maintenance overheads.
    • The high hygiene protocols will ensure every space, individual is virus and bacteria free.
    • Integrated with BIG DATA will provide new actionable insights, enabling plant to harness information for a higher profits with 100% safety and security.
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