• Search and rescue (SAR) is the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger
  • Types of Search and rescue
    • Mountain Rescue
    • Ground Search and Rescue
    • Urban Search and Rescue
    • Air and Sea Rescue
    • Combat Search and Rescue
  • Photonic Sensing technology integrated with Image processing and Big Data is an advanced surveillance technologies for search and rescue, pushing forward the ability of rescuers to locate and retrieve missing personnel.
veda is capable of remotely monitoring vibrations and condition of structures simultaneously in the time and frequency domains and displays the displacement, velocity and acceleration of vibrations at even inaccessible locations on a structure.

  • Dronacharya image processing capabilities is an innovative Approach for Detecting Boats & Ships from Seabed and / or Space.
  • Suits of integrated Algorithm associated with Hydrodynamic signatures and coupled with Deep learning platform to provide accurate and sensitive information.
  • Quick and less than ONE MINUTE comprehensive information of swath (area) on Earth can be analyzed for digestible information that is very vital for Earth station (Command and Control).
  • Every natural or unnatural or intentional (war time) collapsed structures have taken human life at large.
  • While people are strangulated in debris and are alive but locating them is difficult.
  • Praneedhi can discriminate between human voice and other environmental noise.
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