VAYU Wind Tunnel
  • The subject of fluid mechanics is filled with abstract concepts, mathematical methods, and results.
  • Historically, it has been a challenging subject for students, undergraduate and graduate. In most institutions, the introductory course in fluid mechanics is accompanied by a laboratory course.
  • While institutional philosophy and orientation vary around the world, the goal of that laboratory is to strengthen students' understanding of fluid mechanics using a variety of laboratory exercises.
  • A wind tunnel is a specially designed and protected space into which air is drawn, or blown, by mechanical means in order to achieve a specified speed and predetermined flow pattern at a given instant.
  • The flow so achieved can be observed from outside the wind tunnel through transparent windows that enclose the test section and flow characteristics are measurable using specialized instruments.
  • An object, such as a model, or some full-scale engineering structure, typically a vehicle, or part of it, can be inserted into the established flow, thereby disturbing it.
  • The objectives of the insertion of the model include being able to simulate, visualize, observe, and/or measure how the flow around the model object affects the model per se.
  • Another criterion for classification is the maximum speed achieved by the wind tunnel: subsonic vs. supersonic wind tunnels. It is traditional to use the ratio of the speed of the fluid, or of any other object, and the speed of sound.
  • However, WIND TUNNEL FACILITIES are only found in large Governmental Institutes due their exorbitant costs.
  • CASTLE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES AND SYSTEMS (CATS) have pioneered in very sensitive and low cost wind tunnel facilities for educational and R&D institutes whose effectiveness lie in home grown technologies developed in India by experienced research scientists.
World's first and one of its kind Wind Tunnel with Photonic monitoring System
Conventional wind anemometers are replaced with Laser and no annoyance of heating in sub zero ambient conditions.
For measuring or monitoring each element independent sensors, probes or transducer are required. VAYU with one light of laser, all required data is collected in terms of pressure, speed, direction etc. of wind.
The technology developed in addition is highly sensitive and accurate compared to available technologies throughout the world.
Wind Tunnel is equipped with :
  • Photonic Systems for various measurements.
  • Vibration and deflection measurement systems for model studies.
  • Environmental (Pressure, temperature, wind etc.) measurement system.
  • Unique honey comb design for Turbulence Management System that Reduces Large Swirl Component of Incoming Flow
  • Auto programmable Fan Regulating Control
  • Automatic computer control of wind tunnel facility for experimentation.
  • Smoke Generator optional
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