• Ducts gather dust during time that can be released inside the building and can favour the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
    As a result, ducts can often be responsible for bad indoor air quality more than filters.
  • The concentrations of contaminants in the supply air of mechanically ventilated buildings may be altered by pollutant emissions from and interactions with duct materials.
  • Nevertheless, maintenance interventions are invasive, time consuming, and operator dependent.
  • In fact, existing automatic methods are devoted to filters monitoring, while approaches dealing with air ducts require invasive operations on the plant, for example, online monitoring of ducts.
  • It is then reasonable and desirable to have a tool for indoor air quality which automatically controls the cleaning state of the system (filters and ducts) and alerts you when it is going toward bad working conditions.
  • AUM Duct is not an invasive approach. It does not alter the standard operation mode of the system, for example, a forced temporal halt.
  • AUM is integrated in Robot that is robust and portable. The integrated system not only checks every part of duct but also cleans. This makes it practical and simple and with low implementation costs.
  • AUM Duct gives the opportunity of planning maintenance intervention by limiting it only when standard HVAC working conditions need to be restored.
  • AUM Duct allows independently evaluating the cleaning state of both plant ducts and filters. It is extremely flexible, automatic, low-cost, and able to provide a complete check of the system (filters and air ducts).
  • As a matter of fact, the potential of the AUM Duct monitoring and cleaning method is even greater in a long term and permanent monitoring of the system.
  • In fact, machine learning model of CATSmart may be used for predicting and time scheduling maintenance interventions on ducts and/or filters. This would give a considerable contribution to the standardization of maintenance procedures.
  • AUM Duct will also have a key role in the presence of laws regulating indoor air quality in both public and private buildings, Larke workplace, auditorium and especially hospitals.
  • Finally, the energy saving provided by a clean HVAC is not a negligible benefit.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (AUM_DUCT)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up. AUM DUCT monitors multiple gases in real time. There is not limit of gases that can be monitored at same time. Gases monitoring can be customized as per need.

CO2, CO, O3, Sox, and other oxidants.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Any Particles less than 1üm in diameter
Lead Particulates / Particulate Material (PM 2.5 / PM 10)
Airborne Microbial
Organic Particulates
Thermal Comfort
Relative Humidity,
Air Flow Management
Biological Pollutants
Animal dander
House dust
  • Hospitals , Clean room, Electronic manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food Manufacturing, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
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