• Fugitive emissions are unintentional gas emissions from industrial activities that are dangerous originated by plants components like pipelines, valves, flanges, end-of-line, mixers / compressors / pumps seals, vent etc.
  • Risk management is crucial for pipeline inside the plant. Long range pipelines for LNG or liquid ammonia, ethylene, sulfur, compressed gas, or other hazardous substances, it is essential to form a risk prevention plan not only for inside the facilities but also for the surrounding areas.
  • Due to operating conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.), aging, deterioration of sealing devices and equipment solidity, there can be a substantial increase in fugitive emissions that have an impact on health, safety and the environment.
  • These elements generate growing losses due to materials deterioration. They lead to economic losses, environmental, health and safety risks.
  • Slight leaks in pipelines can grow to large disasters. However, detection through pressure drops, mass balance, modeling, and other techniques is difficult, and it is tricky to pinpoint a location. AUM Sniffer captures leaks of any size, and even makes it easy to find the location of a leak. And as part of a total CATS Command And Control System, one can install a safety system that links up with the leak detection function to shut down the plant or specific pipeline.
  • AUM SNIFFER real time monitoring identifies critical sources and leads to focused maintenance intervention.
  • In various market segments - from chemical to oil and gas to industry to and technology to the manufacture of semiconductor components and technology - AUM Sniffer provides the highest quality and increased process safety.
  • With an AUM SNIFFER leak detector, the time and money required for maintenance and troubleshooting of your products will be reduced to a minimum and your ongoing operating costs will be significantly less.
  • AUM SNIFFER leak detector is highly sensitive that a release of gas upto less than 1 ppb level can be shown to be a leak.
  • Couple of AUM SNIFFER will monitor fugitive emissions from various plants components like valves, corroded pipelines, flanges, -end-of-line, mixers / compressors / pumps seals.
  • A Virtual dome setup with AUM Sniffer for complete plant internally and externally will helps to identify critical sources, and it leads to focused maintenance intervention.
  • A Virtual Dome in plant core value lies not only in avoiding risk during operations, but also in guaranteeing safety when adding or expanding plants.
  • These operations result in a significant emission reduction with great advantages: money saving, safety improving and environmental protection.
Features Benefits
Continuous monitoring (AUM Sniffer)

AUM is the only continuous monitoring system which can be easily set up. AUM SNIFFER monitors multiple gases in real time. There is not limit of gases that can be monitored at same time. Gases monitoring can be customized as per need.

Measures and Monitors:-

  • CO2, CO, H/C's, H2S, NOx, O3, Sox, NH3, and other oxidants.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - such as formaldehyde, benzene, methylene chloride and perchloroethylene, O ? Xylene, p ? Xylene, Et ? Benzene, Benzene, Toulene.
  • LNG or liquid ammonia, ethylene, sulfur, compressed gas, or other hazardous substances
Meteorological Measurement

Measures meteorological factors like temperature, humidity, wind parameters (speed, direction, pressure, velocity), precipitation that show how pollutants are transferred from source to recipient.

Sensing Area Coverage

Area covered by AUM is 10mm to 5 Km in radius. The unit can be rotated3600. Data of air can be collected vertically as well as horizontally at distance of every 100mm to 5km as required. The laser beam travels to the targeted area / source of pollutants. With few nos. of installation plant can be monitored for pollutants and weather conditions.

Cost-Effective Deployment
  • Implementation of AUM SNIFFER is not complex nor particularly expensive undertaking. The systems required for analysis is housed in the cloud-based data centers and run on standard, low-cost hardware, which is orders of magnitude lower in price than the hardware of similar accuracy of 5-10 years ago.
  • Any strains of gas that is fugitive in nature and is not amongst the portfolio of gases that are assigned for monitoring. Such fugitive gas is monitored at PPB that are found in mixture of emitted gases, immediate alert is set.
  • Idustrial plants, refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, fumigation facilities, paper pulp mills, aircraft and shipbuilding facilities, hazmat operations, waste-water treatment facilities, vehicles, indoor air quality testing and homes.

Major Hazards by Industry & Gas Type LEL Cl2 ClO2 CO CO2 H2 H2S HCl HCN HF NH3 NO NO2 O2 O3 SO2 AsH3 PH3 CH2Cl2 VOC Ethanol Refrigerant
Agriculture (pesticides, silos, fertilizer manufacturing) Օ Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ     Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ   Օ        
Automotive / Aeronautics Օ     Օ Օ Օ         Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ       Օ   Օ
Chemical Օ Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ Օ Օ
Confined spaces Օ       Օ   Օ             Օ                
Electronics & Semiconductor industry Օ Օ   Օ   Օ   Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ     Օ Օ Օ        
Food & Beverage Production (breweries, distilleries, …) Օ Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ     Օ Օ Օ   Օ Օ   Օ Օ
Gas utilities Օ     Օ     Օ             Օ                
Glass industry Օ         Օ       Օ Օ     Օ                
Heating & Cooling industry Օ     Օ Օ           Օ                     Օ
Marine Օ     Օ Օ Օ Օ       Օ     Օ               Օ
Metal production Օ Օ   Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ     Օ   Օ Օ Օ   Օ    
Mining Օ     Օ Օ   Օ   Օ     Օ Օ Օ                
Nuclear Օ     Օ   Օ Օ         Օ Օ Օ                
Parking/skating/karting Օ     Օ             Օ Օ Օ     Օ           Օ
Painting Օ                                     Օ    
Petrochemical Օ     Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ Օ     Օ   Օ       Օ    
Pharmaceutical & Labs Օ Օ Օ   Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ     Օ Օ Օ       Օ Օ Օ
Pulp & paper Օ Օ Օ Օ     Օ     Օ Օ     Օ Օ Օ            
Textile Օ Օ                 Օ       Օ Օ     Օ      
Water treatment Օ Օ Օ Օ Օ   Օ       Օ     Օ Օ Օ       Օ    
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