During the last one and a half decades, detection of physical manifestations such as turbulent wake and internal waves generated due to moving platforms in ocean, have increasingly become popular mechanisms for naval surveillance of moving platforms. With the general features of turbulent wake and internal waves generated by moving platforms in ocean, a novel optoelectronic technique and technology was designed and developed for naval surveillance. These technologies will assist the Army, Border Security Forces, Coast Guards, Navy and Airforce in detecting and neutralizing any type of intrusion.
  • Intrusion from Sea: - SAVDHAN (Scan, Analyze, Validate, Discriminate, Highlight, Assess and Neutralize)
  • Conventional technologies like Radar / Sonar monitoring are generally countered by technology advances such as newly built Ships are designed to reduce their acoustic signature. Savdhan is new entrant in the domain of Ocean Surveillance with more than 20 years of research that overrides limiting factors of Radar and Sonar. SAVDHAN identifies and detects traits of signatures in form of wake or wave of ships or submarine using following patented and validated indigenous innovative technologies.
Detection of Targets from Sea borne systems : -
  • Non-Invasive In-situ SAVDHAN optoelectronic systems (sos) is a self-recording unit with real time display and can either be moored at Sea, fixed on the bottom of the seabed or can be mounted on the hull of a Ship / Platform. SOS assists in : -
  • The Laser light beam is not visible hence does not create any mobility interferences or disturbances.
    • Detection of Targets from Long distance.
    • Sensitive information from surface or subsurface can be collected,
    • Information is processed and communicated to Command and Control.
    • Discrimination of Approaching and Descending Ships or Submarine.
    • Ability to distinguish Targets like Ships, small boats or fish.
    • Changing course and Shipping traffic detection (esp. Fishermen Boats)
    • Speed of Target.
    • Ability to detect even Divers.
    • Also monitors Natural phenomena like waves, current etc.
  • Evaluation trials have demonstrated that one can discriminate, detect and localize targets, using the novel non-acoustic detection system (which can be easily implemented on board a stationary platform (like a surface or subsurface buoy) or a dynamic platform (like a ship, submarine or even a torpedo) indicating clearly the non-acoustic detection system's use for naval surveillance. The feasibility and scope for implementation of this non acoustic technology on board torpedoes for homing purposes has also demonstrated encouraging results. In conclusion, the systems can be implemented by the Navy for surveillance purposes. Shallow Water Waves
  • Extracting the waves speed, length and depth.
  • Solving the depression level for Depth.
  • Mapping Shallow water (less than 50M) waves height providing useful insights to various functions.
    • Modelling / Beach Erosion.
    • Navigational Information
    • Amphibian operation during time of War.
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