• The air quality inside containers varies enormously, depending on the goods, the packing materials, transit time, temperature, humidity and the possible presence of fumigants.
  • Consequently, many containers contain dangerous levels of toxic gases and represent a major threat to port.
  • Transport workers, customs officials, warehousemen, store employees and consumers that open or enter containers, may be exposed to the dangers of suffocation, intoxication, poisoning, fire or explosion
  • Solvent vapours and most fumigants, whilst harmful, can be detected by the AUM. AUM analysis multiple gases at same time.
  • Over rides all limitation that conventional monitoring system persisted.
  • Worlds one of its kind contactless monitoring system that is accurate, reliable, and verifiable.
  • Most cost effective with highest accuracy levels even in harsh environment or climate.
  • Routine Calibration are avoided.
  • Less Protective or Corrective maintenance require
  • Low Power consumption
  • No Learning curve
Features Benefits
Thermal Comfort
Relative Humidity,
Air Flow Management
Sensing Area Coverage

Laser sensor are contactless. Light beam travels to the source rather than other way round. Laser sensor is not limited to area of coverage. A light beam can travel to every nook and corner of the destined area and collect the required data. A single device can cover approx. 100 of area.

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