• AUM : Monitoring  of Air Pollution (Outdoor / Indoor), Detection of Bacteria / Virus.  
  • DRONEACHARYA : Ocean Pollution and Oil spill monitoring
  • SAMIRA : Weather and Wind profiling with a Radius upto 5 Km.
  • TARANI : Advanced Pitot system.
  • VEDA : Avalanche Monitoring and Seismic Vibration.
  • VAYU : Sub sonic Wind tunnel


  • VEDA : Determination, discrimination, speed, recording sound and weigh in motion of all types of Moving Platforms.
  • VIDUR : NDT for Structures of Buildings, Bridges, Railways track, Aircraft Skin & Air frame, Ships, Reinforced steel, Stacks Real time, Contactless Condition and Vibration monitoring of Machines.


  • ALERT : Drone detection and discrimination
  • DRONEACHARYA : Classification and Profiling of Moving Targets at Air, Ocean & Land
  • PRANEEDHI : Eaves dropping
  • SARATHI : Disaster Management
  • SAVDHAN : Surveillance by creating Virtual wall on Sea. Monitoring of Tsunami, Tides, Currents, and Waves
  • VEDA : Cross Border / Perimetry Intrusion Detection


  • Dr. T Exhaler : Exhale Breath Analysis for Pneumonia, Lung Cancer, Diabetes, Ulcer, Gastritis etc.
  • Dr. T Spiro : Respiratory rate, volume, inspiration, expiration etc.
  • Dr. T Mask : Predictive and Preventive Diagnosis.
  • Dr. T Tubestile : Quick diagnosis at Point of Care.

  • CATS introduces cutting edge technology wherein a single photonic system with an appropriate laser source is used for monitoring all parameters of ATMOSPHERE, HYDROSPHERE & LITHOSHERE.
  • With more than 20 years of diligent R&D, CATS has developed a cutting edge multipurpose sensor by using single laser (photonic system) as medium for multifunctional applications.
  • Accurate qualitative and quantitative data is collected in real time using a single laser source as a function of time and space.
  • Laser Sensors Light can travel to far away distance of 5km hence monitoring is possible from far away distance. Laser sensors are at the fractional cost to their conventional equivalent.
  • The photonic system collects a 1000's data points per mili second. CATS is the only company providing single photonic system that can monitor and records various Force Movement, Pollution, Weather, Acceleration, Displacements, Flow, Position, Sound, Ground Vibration etc.
  • Thus, enabling the remote detector to gather relevant information for making the individual ready for any type of threats or any likely event of disaster in real world.
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