• Coronavirus pandemic is impacting millions of families around the globe.
  • The developments in diagnostic methods and monitoring technologies have focused on blood, urine, throat / nasal swab etc. analysis for clinical diagnostics.
  • Testing performed currently requires the collection of off-site samples that are then sent to centrally located laboratories for diagnosis.
  • This process requires many days to ship, process, and receive the results, aggravating the problem while people spread the disease and infection is on large scale. 
  • The contemporaneous technological advance in analytical techniques allows the measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from clinical samples, such as exhaled breath, urine, blood, serum, sputum, and faeces.
  • Despite of its advantages, diagnostics based on VOCs profiling is not yet widely used in clinical practice.
  • Testing kits and diagnostic machines are in disparity for various Virus and Bacteria detection.
  • Automation lacks and a human intervention are generally required.
  • Every time epidemic raids, testing kits and its relative support systems get into  
  • A Paradigm shift is imperatively required to overcome the difficult times, CATS – GLOBAL introduces Dr T. a Photonic Exhaled Breath Analyzer that detects and discriminate (VOC) biomarkers effectively with portable and economically viable instrumentation.
  • CATS- Global is focused on the development of a MASKS / Tubestile access control systems that are rugged, inexpensive, quick, and easy to use testing platform that can be deployed to thousands of point-of-care locations worldwide after due pre and post clinical trials.
  • Under brand name Dr. T, an incredibly scalable exhaled breath analyzer is researched and developed to screen as many people as possible in the shortest time.
  • Can we detect Covid-19 (Corona virus) in real time / instantaneously?
  • Can we detect without swab and non-invasive?
  • Can a system be developed to be used by no wise and need no learning curve?
  • Can the system be portable, inexpensive and easy to use and deploy immediately?
  • Can the system have low life-cycle cost, precise, stable & long-term operation?
  • Can we Screen many people in shortest of time?
  • Can this be scalable to be deployed at point of care worldwide?
  • Can a single system perform diagnostic test for major known diseases?
  • Can the same diagnostic system be quickly brought to use for any such pandemic virus threats in future?
  • Earlier work in air quality monitoring has resulted in the development of a real time, low cost portable system (patent pending) using similar principles by monitoring the optical back scatter from air molecules / atom (with or without aerosols) in a given volume of sample. Hence, we are confident in detect optical scatter in a given volume of sample on real time basis, even when the size and concentrations are very small. We, therefore, propose to identify host response biomarkers for differentiation of bacterial as well as non-bacterial causes of any disease, by monitoring and parameterizing the Rayleigh scattered laser beam intensity and deflection characteristics for healthy and infected breath samples.
  • Capturing the values of VOC and other Gases in Parts per billion of given volume for monitoring air quality. Also trials performed in qualifying and quantifying various bacteria in Air exp. for hospital Acquired infecting by using one laser beam.
Experiments and trials done in collaboration with University of Georgia US for identifying compounds of nitric oxide out of exhaled breath of an infant for diagnosing early stage pneumonia.
  • Photonic analysis methods provide accurate detection techniques for biomarker components.
  • Photonics technologies identifies Microbial / Virus that provides :
    • Real time / in situ identification with higher accuracy.
    • Validated Bacteria, Virus and Fungal library.
    • No Retesting required resulting in low response time.
    • Reduced dependence on outside service.
  • Provides a bright perspective for diagnosis of different diseases using exhaled breath analysis.
  • Dr. T. is cost effective, robust, wearable, rugged and small.
  • Dr. T. is noninvasive and can be used for quick screening in situ.
  • Reducing the gap between prognosis and diagnosis.
  • Product Verticals
A Smart Tubestile is a chamber with the following approx.
Dimension Outer : 1170 x1145 x2430mm(Lx W x H)
Inner : 920 x 600 x1930mm (L x W x H)
Walkway Passage : 600 X 1930mm ( L x H )
Smart Tubestile that is equipped with Photonic sensing system integrated with image processing monitors and detects :
  • Biomarkers, Bacteria and Virus using Exhaled breath analysis and Throat swaps.
  • Weight, Temperature and Sound Recording
  • RFID and Biometric (face) Identification
Threat perspective at access control is not only limited to Metal detection ferrous or non ferrous, World has understood that it is equally important to detect the carrier of Virus. Such Tubestile systems can be deployed at immigration, borders, hospitals, public places, transport verticals etc.
A person can be scanned for various diseases in a matter of 30 seconds. After due clinical trials, a Standard operating procedure (SOP) can be laid down. This will enable for fast detection of mass at point of care.

Operation : Doors are locked in rest position. Authorized signal opens first door allowing the user to step inside.
  • Individual approaches the front door of Dr. T Tubestile.
  • Individual enters the front door of Tube stile while the rear door is closed. It also detects and restricts multiple person entry.
  • The front door closes. Individual is scanned for EBA and other parameters for 30 seconds.
  • After scanning is completed rear door opens.
  • The individual walks out of the tubestile. Every individual will be tagged, and respective data will be ported to local server and further integrated with cloud.
  • The scanning results will be available in less than one minute with respect to positive or negative for any infectious disease. Immediate fumigation of Tubstile will result in clean room.
  • A Positive individual will be directed for further investigation.
  • This is a diagnostic systems at point of care can be quickly installed at :-
  • Health Verticals
    • Hospital Inpatient care (IPD) / Telemedicine Setups / Hospital Outpatient care (OPD) / Rural Health Care /Trauma / Emergency / Disaster Management Center / Intensive care units.
    • Diagnostic centers / Research lab & Microbiology department
  • Transportation
    • Railways / Ships / Airways. Large scale gathering.
  • Large scale Gathering
    • Hotels / Hospitals / Workplace / Office buildings.
    • Stadium / auditorium/ Cine Theatres etc.
Next Step

  • Dr. T is a unique mask design for early stage diagnosis of prescribed diseases.
    • Dr. T. is integrated with networks permitting continuous surveillance of Exhaled breath Analysis.
    • The measured results of PPB are transmitted to Big Data over the internet or offline server for further processing.
    • Results are received on mobile app in situ.
    • Registration of each individual can be seamlessly entered or can be connected to Aadhar or Social Security no.
    • Dr. T is Lightweight Well-Balanced Design, Ready to Use with Adjustable Head Cradle, Easy to Fasten Neck Straps & Maintenance-Free & Reusable.
  • Dr T. Diagnostic will open panoramas for research in various segments : -
    • Vaccine and Medicine Manufacturers
    • Molecular Biology Studies. Life sciences and Genomics
    • Cognitive Intelligence & Human behavior.
  • Dr. T. integrated with a Ventilator.
    • Inhalation pipe for detecting impurities, temperature, moisture & quality of Oxygen.
    • Peak end Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) that needs to be 20 mm H2O.
    • Exhalation pipe for EXHALED Breath Analysis.
A robust breath analyzer that detects bacterial and viral infection in respiratory tract for : -
  • Past Diseases (Known Known)
    • Diseases that have influenced epidemic or pandemic in past like Ebola, Swine Flue, Chikenguniya, AIDS, etc.
    • Qualifying and Quantifying Pneumonia & Tuberculosis.
    • Other Diseases, Syndromes, Maldies, Disorders like Ashtama, Halitosis, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Stomach ulcers, and more than 20 such diseases that can be diagnosed using DR. T.
  • Current Disease (Known Unknown)
    • Dr T. will Monitor & Diagnose :
    • Early stage Tuberculosis / Pneumonia / Cancer and their types like Sars COV-2.
    • Determining if a person actually needs ventilator.
  • Future Disease (Unknown Unknown)
    Learning from Goliath of Corona :-
    • Large scale testing and diagnostic systems required to test mass population.
    • Time is short for research and development.
    • Combating Vaccines take time. DR. T IS FUTURE READY that can be quickly calibrated
    • Any unknown explosion of pandemic due to a virus can be quickly calibrated at an early stage of breakdown.
    • Or Any Chemical Warfare Agents or Biological Agents.
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